Concentrate On Keeping Your Karma Clear!

The Problem.

Lots of people lead lives with very little happiness in them. Their lives are a long downbeat chain of one problem after another.  No sooner is one  problem over than another takes it ‘s place. Some people are so ‘clever’ at it that they can keep many problems running at the same time.  Perhaps you are one of these people. If so, don’t worry. It can happen to anybody.

How it Happens.

Here are the Five Stages:

1) A bad event happens in your life. Sometimes it just arises from nowhere. Sometimes somebody does something to you. Sometimes  you do something foolish your self.

2) You start getting bad emotional feelings about it. These feelings produce all the bad hormones that cause you the mental problems of stress, anxiety and depression. Because this is not the right state of mind to be in, you get deeper into negative thinking, bad thoughts about people and acting badly.

3)  When you allow bitterness, depression or hatred to take control of your thoughts you are building up bad Karma.

4) At some time in the future, you will have to repay that negative Karma.

5) No sooner does the original, first bad event come to an end but the bad Karma you’ve built up will cause something else bad to happen to you. Remember bad Karma is a bill that must be paid. Somewhere, sometime that bad Karma will catch up with you and you have to pay. And now you are caught up in a vicious loop. Bad event leads to bad Karma which causes another bad event to happen. And on and 0n it can go. Some people will never be able to break out of the loop and start afresh.

But that won’t happen to you because I am going to tell you how to break out of this loop of bad behaviour.

How To Stop It Happening.

You stop it in four stages:

1) The first stage is to set your mental attitude to the problem. Some people get on the bus to bitterness but don’t bother to get off. But don’t let that be you .When a bad event happens in your life you must realise that the event has no emotional burden that you have to take on or to hold onto. The event has happened and the only important thing is what you take away from it with you into the future. You have to learn how to let go of any negative emotions. Get off that bus and leave all negative emotions on it.  Bad events happen to everybody and you must be able to handle yours in a way that is good for you. This may seem hard to do. But believe me,  once you start doing it, it becomes easier and easier and easier.

2) Meditate. This will be the best way to help you to get to stage one. It will get rid of all negative thoughts. As the negative emotions, thoughts and actions fade away, you will start you producing the hormones that make you carefree, relaxed and happy.

3) When you are feeling carefree, relaxed and happy, you will be amazed by how different your life will be. You will find that those bad events and happenings that gave you so many problems before no longer bother you so much. You will quickly  forget them and move on.

4) Your negative reactions having been producing bad Karma. Your meditation will replace these with a relaxed, happy emotion. This effect will help you to shrug of bad events before they start to control your mind.

The Result

You now have a POSITIVE loop to beat that original negative loop. Meditation leads to a positive, relaxed, happy energy field. This enables you to handle bad happenings and stops you  attaching negative emotions to them. Once it does that it goes back to producing that  positive, relaxed, happy energy field. You are now fully prepared to enjoy life to the full and at the same time, be ready to handle any new problems that come up. And, most important of all, you are building up a clear, strong calming flow of good Karma!

Join The Happy People at  Love, Peace and Happiness,    Tommy

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