Karma Comes From Kindness!

I was in Tesco’s earlier today is and I noticed something that made me think. I saw a lady who must have been close to 90 years. She was quite frail and I thought to myself isn’t that a good thing. She is still getting out and about at that age. Still looking after herself.

What happened next was what made me think. Another woman, who was in her late fifties, walked up to her and started chatting to her. It was obvious that they didn’t know each other. A few moments later, they were walking around the store together. The younger lady was talking to her and helping her to pick her shopping. She stayed with her until she had paid for her shopping. They had a little chat and then the younger lady came back into the store to do her own shopping.

What a great example of a random act of kindness to a stranger. I could see from their auras and body language that they were both enjoying the experience. The younger woman kept saying things to make her new friend laugh. Before they parted company, she put her arm around her shoulder and gave her a hug. Obviously they both enjoyed the event. And so did I. LOL.

As I have written in other articles, whenever you aid, help or show kindness to somebody, you increase the flow of your own feel good hormones.  You feel good, they feel good and you set a good example to anybody like me who sees, hears or gets to know about your good deed.

If you want to increase the flow of good Karma , you must make sure that you do nothing that will harm somebody. You can add to this by going out of your way to help other people.

Join The Happy People at  https://happinessguru.wordpress.com Love, Peace and Happiness,  Tommy.

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