Buy A Cup Of Happiness!

What Am I Talking About?

Having a favourite meal is one of the most pleasurable things you can do. Researchers found that women rated having their favourite meal as just below making love in things that make them feel happy.


Now here is a way to use that fact. The next time you bump into a friend, insist on buying them a cup of coffee. Say to them:”Come on. Let me buy you a coffee” or “I really need a cup of coffee, let me take you for a coffee.” Have no messing around. Insist.


Having a coffee with a friend is a good happiness event. To get back to what I said at the beginning, try to get them to have a piece of cake as well. Be careful to pick the right type of friend. Do not treat anybody who is downbeat or depressing. That defeats the purpose of having a happy event.


This, in my experience, always works in giving and getting good feelings. Sometimes the effect can be magic..You both have a great time.I have done this up to three times in two hours! Go for it! (But I switch to Herbal Tea after the first coffee LOL)


1) It works so well.

2) It’s so convenient. You don’t have to prepare for it.

3) It makes them feel good.

4) This makes you feel good

5) It’s a cheap way to have a good time, to feel happy and renew a friendship..

Love, Peace and Happiness, Tommy


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