Ten Secrets Of A Happy Holiday!

What Do We All Want

At this time of year, people are usually planning their holiday. Now we.all want a great holiday, don’t we? I do, The Happy People do and I’m sure you do,too. LOL But how do you make sure  that you do have one?

Here Is How You Have One

A top scientist and and a leading psychologist asked 1,500 people about what makes a great and happy holiday for them.

Here is What they Found

A great destination is the most important holiday factor, followed by plenty of activities, great food, value for money, safety and security and returning home relaxed.

Here Is Your List To Study

Here is a list showing the keys to happy holidays. They are in order of importance and the percentage values are shown..

1) Looking forward to it is of great importance (25%)

2) A great destination (21.2%)

3)  Plenty of interesting things to do (7.8%)

4) Great food (6.4%)

5) Good value for money (5.1%)

6) Safety and security (4%)

7) Feeling relaxed on return (3.6%)

8) Great weather (1.9%)

9) Great accommodation (1.6%)

10) Envy from friends or family (1%).

Special Bonus For Afterwards

Take PLENTY of photos and vids so that you can wallow in your memories AND get the full benefit of number 10) Envy from friends or family (1%). LOL   If you know somebody who is planning a holiday, share this link with them  Share this post with a Facebook friend. Click on the FACEBOOK  sign below and it is very easy.

Love, Peace and Happiness, Tommy

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