To Be Happy Keep Calm, Cool And Collected!

(A link to the article is at the bottom)

Here is an article about a way to control your anger and keep calm under pressure. I don’t know how you would use a computer mouse with your left hand when somebody jumps the queue at the supermarket? Perhaps go to the self service unit and use your left hand to operate it.

Joking aside, let me say this. I have a laptop and a notebook computer. When I use the notebook, I use one finger on my right hand. I become noticeably impatient if I make mistakes. When I use the laptop, typing with both hands, the same sort of mistakes do not bother me at all. Thinking about this, I realise that I do not enjoy one handed typing but really enjoy typing with left and right hands. I can clearly feel the difference in the two tasks. The two handed work does give me a noticeable lift in mood. I feel more content and at times, I  actually feel bubbly. I feel that I’ve done it and I really enjoyed doing it.

I often wondered what was causing the lift but now I have learned what causes it. And, now, so have you lol. (Do you also know that if you learn something new every day, in time you will become the cleverest person in the world. Soon I’ll have to start calling you The Happy, Clever People lol. And myself the Happiness, Cleverness Guru. More LOL.)

To get to the point, how are we going to use this valuable information? Well. I am going to start learning how to use my notebook left handed. Unfortunately, I’m not a phone freak, but, if you are, that is a great opportunity to practice using your left hand. (I have written this from the position of being right handed. Of course, if you are left handed, use your right hand.) Here is the link–using-wrong-hand-stir-tea-helps-train-self-control.html?ito=feeds-newsx

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Love,Peace and Happiness,  Tommy

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