Group For Love, Wealth AND Happiness!

Start YOUR better life NOW

Everybody wants a life that is full of love, wealth and happiness. So why do so many of you put up with unhappiness, loneliness and disappointment? The answer is, in short, because you don’t know HOW to make the changes that you need and want and should have. And the project that I am setting out aims to show you how to do that. How to move your life up to a higher level. It’s your right as a human being. You’re entitled to it. And I am going to make sure that you get it.
Here is an outline of what we will be doing with this project.
1) I will soon be distributing a free ebook which will change your ideas about happiness completely and start you off on a life full of happiness.
2) There will be free how to advicei, lessons and plans  here at
3) You can use our Facebook page at
 for trading ideas and experiences.
4) There will be group meetings, group lectures and group trainings starting shortly in Liverpool.. I have spent 30 years doing these. There will be no trouble getting them going. I know that they will be be both successful and popular.
A very important part of the programme would be to be able to meet other people in groups to network in real life, test and compare experiences. This is important but not necessary. You can use the programme on your own.
My first objective is to get a group going locally (for me LOL). If you live within travelling distance of Liverpool, you can look forward to taking part in this part of the plan. You should be enjoying a better life very soon. Full of fun, new friends with similar ideas and, more important, more happiness.
I am an NLPer. I specialise in what works. This programme is based on what will work. It will work for YOU, when you start working with it. First we must get a group together to get started with meetings in Liverpool.
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