How The Happy People Handle Stress!

The Problem

More and more people are suffering from stress and all the heath problems that it brings with it. It is also a major factor in a lot of heart related deaths. (It  affects people who are working and people who are unemployed. I have put 2 links at the bottom of this post. Read them to get a fuller picture of this problem.)

In small doses, over a short period of time, stress is not harmful. In fact it can help you to handle emergencies. But,  if you are under heavy stress that never lets up, it will do a lot of damage to your body and mind. It will ‘age’ your body, hinder clear thinking and cause emotional problems. It is not a happy place to be. You must start to get out from under that harmful pressure as quickly as possible. Stress, worry, anxiety, whatever your doctor cares to call it will cause you much grief. It will ruin your ability to cope with life’s problems, it will ruin your personal relationships, it will ruin your ability to to be happy.

How The Happy People Do It

Research shows that planning to get more happiness into your life will reduce the bad effects of stress. And here are some of the methods that The Happy People use:

1) Meditation. Any spiritual act helps. Going to church, praying etc are all good but meditation has a lot of other health benefits going for it. See  2 articles at:       and at

2) Exercise. Any exercise is good for you. Move more, be active, stay fit. The fitter you are, the happier you will be!


4) Practice GRATITUDE!


6) Learn how to plan a happier life and look forward to enjoying it. Optimism!

7) VERY IMPORTANT! Build strong, powerful, loving relationships with all the people in your life. Become HAPPY and spread HAPPINESS. Become the person people like to see coming.

Start your anti-stress programme NOW!  Bookmark this site and pay a visit to:

Love, Peace and Happiness, Tommy

P.S Here are the two links that I mentioned at the start of this post:

Stress for Workers

Stress for Unemployed

3 thoughts on “How The Happy People Handle Stress!

  1. The steps – that you’ve written down – are ways that I try to follow – especially if I’m feeling rather stressed. Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

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