5 Steps To A Happy Life!

Everybody wants to be Happy! I want it, you want it, we all want to be Happy! So here is a plan that is simple to understand, easy to do and will really work for you. Once you try it and find out for yourself, you can really look forward to the time when you are not only the happiest person around but you are also one of   the most popular. Trust me, I know.

Being Happy is like having the flu . The flu is very easy to spread. You can breathe on somebody and they catch it as well as you. Being Happy is even easier to spread than the flu. Just smile at people, give them a warm hello or tell them a funny story and watch as they catch the being Happy bug. And that is the first step.
1) See how many people you can give the Happy bug  to. You say ‘Hello’ to a lot of people in a normal day. Every time you do, make an effort to smile, make the smile wider, smile with your eyes, pass some upbeat comment. (If the weather is bad, DON’T mention that! LOL)
2) Be aware of your own level of happiness. When you are doing 1), as you are move towards your target, be aware of a warm feeling coming over you. Feel it getting stronger as you do your ‘thing’. Be aware of how Happy you feel as you move away. This is one of the bigger and better bonuses of following this programme. The more happiness you give out, the happier YOU feel! Neuroscientist have tested this and found that it works.
3)  Get plenty of physical activity.Get up off your seat, get out there and get spreading some happiness. Go big time! Try to become the happiness guru in your area. When you are making other people Happy and making yourself Happy, you are building up Karma on two levels. Just think about that. Happiness and two lots of Karma and becoming more popular by the minute!
4) Exercise your mind. Learn something new like how to dance, do puzzles, start to meditate. Meditation makes areas of your brain stronger.(Read how powerful an exercise meditation is at
5) Do something helpful for somebody. This is NOT part of 1). Act, do or perform something that helps somebody.
No matter how awkward it feels at first, keep working at it until it becomes part of your personality.
Give everybody a big smile and a warm, enthusiastic ‘Hello’. It costs nothing to be  warm, to be positive, or to simply spread happiness. So why ration them? It’s a very easy to understand. Happiness breeds happiness, negativity breeds negativity. And if other people are negative, you can let your positivity outshine it.
Become one of the Happy People. Bookmark this site. Pay a visit to our magazine site at  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Karma/200040216673445

Love, Peace and Happiness,  Tommy.

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