MEDITATION For A Bigger Better Brain!

MEDITATION For A Bigger Better Brain!Meditation will enable you to move mountains mentally. Well not exactly. LOL So what will it do really? Do you want a super charged brain? A more powerful brain? A brain operating at higher levels of efficiency?  Meditation will do that for you. Trust me. The scientist have found mountains of evidence to prove this..  It will lead  you into a more positive, happier, enjoyable life.

How  will meditation do that?  Well,when you start meditation, the actual grey matter in a part of you brain called the hippocampus will grow thicker and bigger. As a result of this:
1) Your can deal with stress and its dreadful effects with greater ease.
2) Your ability to do creative thinking will increase.
3) You will learn new stuff more easily
4) your memory will be stronger.

a) Who says this?
Experts on brain scanning at Massachusetts, U.S.A General Hospital.
b) What do they say?
“You can actually change the brain and this will add increased power to your thinking, your well being and your quality of life.”
c) How can YOU get these gifts?
From meditation every day!
I have always known this. But it’s nice to see the scientists PROVING that what I’ve done and taught to people for 35 years (i.e meditation) is the most beneficial, powerful and life changing thing you can possibly do.
Why not give it a try? You could end up running the country.
And do a better job than the mugs doing it now. LOL

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Love, Peace and Happiness, Tommy.

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