Beat Depression With Diet!

The Problem!
If you are reading this article, I take it that you have some issues with depression. This article is not meant for people who are suffering clinical depression.Please see your doctor and then include this diet.
The number of people here in this country suffering from depression is soaring higher and higher every year.  In America, students who were signing on to study were profiled. One out of every six was being treated for clinical depression. And these are young  and, supposedly, healthy people. The increasing number of people suffering from this  is really alarming. .Now I know that you don’t want to feel depressed, so what can you do about it?  Here is a simple way to help yourself.

The Solution
Spanish researchers have found a way to stop you from being depressed. You just eat the right food. You have to eat lots of anti-oxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. To do this the researchers recommend more meals rich with olive oil, fruit, whole grains, fish, and nuts. People who eat eat those foods regularly have a 30% less chan ce of developing depression. This is known as the Mediterranean Diet. If you go to any book clearance shop, they will have two or three books about it for about a pound each. Or your local library will have a load of them. Strangely enough it is called the Mediterranean diet because it is the usual diet for people who live in the Mediterranean

The Results
It is also recommended as a diet for people who suffer from heart problems or who are overweight. So there you go. Hit your target weight, have a healthy heart and get happier with one simple move. Switch to the Mediterranean Diet. It also includes tomatoes (which the researchers didn’t mention). Tomatoes are full of anti-oxidants.N.B Particularly if they have been pasteurised i.e Tomato Soup, Sauce or Ketchup.
I already eat plenty of the above foods apart from nuts. After reading about this research, I’m going to add some of them.

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