Get Active, Get Happy?

A lot of you exercise because you feel that you should. Or it is part of a weight loss  programme. You do it but you do not happy doing it. Would you like to learn how to change that exercise grind into a real, full, happy experience? I know that you would.
Just for a moment stop and imagine how much you are going to look forward to your exercise time when you are enjoying it so much. So carry on reading. I am continually advising you to ‘be more physically active to be happy‘  and ‘the fitter you are the happier you are’. There is a link to an article showing  scientific reasons why it is true at the very bottom of this post. If you are not already exercising, this should get you started now.
Stuff That Isn’t In The Article
The article is about jogging, but you don’t have to jog. Some people have problem with their legs if they jog. You can get the same happy, feel-good feedback using other activities. Fast walking, swimming or cycling also work. Some guidelines, which are not given in the article, are:
1) You must be slightly out of  breath. If you are  exercising with a friend, you must not be able to talk comfortably. You cannot keep a conversation going.
2) When you are working at that level of exertion, you should keep it up for about 20 minutes. The first two are rough guidelines but 3) is very important in my experience:
3) You must learn to recognise, absorb and absolutely wallow in the happy feeling. Say to yourself
a) Here it comes!
b) I feel great!
c) I’m really enjoying this!
Some Good Hints!
Learn how, when the time is right, to click the switch and go into a full, happy, flowing exercise  pattern. Here are some more hints. Strolling won’t do it. Any activity will have an effect as long as you can follow guidelines 1) and 2). Twenty minutes is only a rough guide. If you can’t keep the activity up that long, slow down or try a different one. Although I am writing that other activities will work, jogging is the best. that I know. After 12 minutes jogging, I switch over into an altered level. Happy, enjoying and flowing, I can then stop or carry on running. Everybody is different. Experiment with it
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Love, Wealth and Happiness,   Tommy


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