Mayan Calender, 2012, Is Karma Catching Up?

The Mayan Calender ends in 2012. What does that  mean? Is it the End Of Days? Or a New Beginning? The Mayan Empire reached the peak of its power and influence 1,500 years ago. They are well known for agriculture, pottery, hieroglyphics and  The Mayan Calender for reading the future.. Their empire had crumbled by A.D. 900. The suddenness of it’s break up has puzzled scholars for hundreds of years. I have done much research into my own and many other people’s past lives. This leads me to believe that it was a massive wave of bad karma catching up with events that caused the crash.  Unfortunately the study of people’s past lives can at times be limited. A life span of 28 years, which was the average for those days, will not tell you a lot about an empire that lasted for 600-700 years.
The Mayans were well known for and built their advanced civilisation by being able to predict future events with great accuracy. They did this using The Mayan Calendar. But TheMayan Calendar ends on 21st Dec 2012. This has a much meaning for many people. Particularly people who are interested  in Psychic and/or Spiritual matters. What does it mean? Does this 2012 predict the end of the world? The end of civilisation as we know it? Or does it show the beginning of a whole new enlightened age, just like the Age Of Aquarius. What are your views? What does your group believe? Do you have have memories of a past life in that period? Please write in.. There are only 21 months to go.  Write to our Karma magazine page at
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