Have A Happy, Longer Life By Brain Training!


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Do You Want A Long, Happy Life?
At the very bottom of this post there is a link to a great article. It explains how important brain training, learning and education are in your life. If you want a longer life and a happy life, the amount of brain training you have had when you were getting your  schooling is very important. Now we all want a longer life full of happiness. Well I do, most of The Happy People do and most of you who haven’t joined The Happy People yet do. Unfortunately most of us finished our education a long time ago. So how do we make full use of this important knowledge? How do we make sure that  we have a a longer, happier life? We can’t go back to school and start our education again.

What Is The Solution?
The answer is to start LEARNING again. You don’t have to go to University to LEARN. The PLACE of learning is not important. It’s the ACT of learning that does the trick. That’s where the benefit is. You can do brain training anywhere and get all the benefit described in this research.

Here is some great advice in the article:
“Whether it’s acquiring a new skill or language (very high on the list of mental acuity benefits), joining a new group and meeting new people, or finding ways to continue using existing skills, successful aging and longevity are built upon patterns of lifelong learning.”
This is great advice but it doesn’t go into great detail, does it? Why not visit our Facebook magazine at
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Karma/200040216673445    and find lots of new ideas and groups to learn more about. Things that will be of great use to you in getting more happiness into a longer life.

Here is the link to the full article:

Love,Wealth and Happiness,    Tommy

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