How Good Is Meditation?

Lord Mahaveer

Lord Mahaveer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mixed Opinions About Meditation
Meditation, until recently, has caused mixed feelings. The opinions have been divided mainly into 2 camps. The people who say that it is worthless. They believe that sitting  around thinking about nothing is good for exactly that, nothing. The other camp consists of  the people who have  practised meditation. These people have claimed over the years that it is magic . That it is the cure for everything. It will cure every complaint. From dandruff to falling arches and from lack of confidence to mental burn out.

What Is The Truth?
Meditation has been  has been around for thousands of years. It has been a way of life for uncountable people. For just as long uncountable people have judged it to be nonsense  but now the tide is changing. The reason for this change is that experiments have been done and are being done all around the world in laboratories, Universities and Test Centres. The scientists have proven, past any reasonable doubt that it does work. Massive amounts of research have revealed that it can and does have a deep effect in promoting health, recovery from illness, and creating big changes in your life.

If it has been proven that it can completely change your life, why doesn’t everybody do it? The answer is simple. There are thousands of different schools of teaching out there. But the scientists have studied genuine masters and not so called teachers a lot of  whom may have picked their knowledge up from a book. Some of the latest research has been done using expert teachers recommended by the Dalai Lama. You can read many articles about the results of these studies here on this site.

And How Good Is It?
I know that a lot of the people here have done some type of meditation before. Let me say that all types  will provide some sort of effect. But, if you have been doing that particular type of  training for more than 3 months, people who know you should be remarking about how calm, in control and happy you are acting. I’m not talking about how you feel or what your teacher is telling you. Your family or friends should be telling you. If they are not telling you, then it is time for you to move on. Meditation is far too valuable for you to waste your time on second class teachings. Here is the answer to the original question:
Your meditation is only as good as your meditation teacher. 

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4 thoughts on “How Good Is Meditation?

  1. I still have a tendency to “resist” meditating..tending to put it off, find other things to do… but I am certain that it has contributed to a remarkable calming of my mind…really remarkable. I “sat” regularly for 6 or 7 months, and then less consistently…but still my meditating deepen when I do sit and my mind continues to calm..and many other positive changes too.
    (Rick Hanson at website WiseBrain has many helpful ideas and resources in his website…including really good ideas about meditating and deepening meditation. And slides from a really helpful recent seminar )

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