Can Money Make You Happy ? (FREE)

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Can having a lot of money make you happy? Of course it can! Can you be happy if you don’t have a lot of money? Of course you can! Many people say that they would suddenly become  happier if they became rich. Yet there are lots of studies about the different levels of happiness in different countries. The richer, developed countries do not score as high as the poorer countries. There are many more people in the undeveloped countries. Obviously the many people in those poorer, undeveloped countries, who are reporting high levels of happiness, do not believe that you have to be rich to enjoy life.

So it goes on. Back and forward. Two opposite arguments. The ‘You need money to be happy’ group versus the ‘Money won’t buy you happiness’ group. Which is the correct answer?

The answer is that there is no correct answer. There is no answer because there is no valid question. My Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)  training brings me to this understanding:

You can not compare or connect happiness and money. They are both in different classes or categories. Happiness is a feeling like depression, sorrow, friendliness etc. Money is a thing like coat, car, door etc. To say that ‘You need money to feel happy’ is as silly as saying  ‘ You need a coat to feel friendly’ or ‘You need a door to feel sorrow’. This may be a bit hard to understand but it is not something I have made up. It is a real cause of many arguments that seem to have no  solution. I learned it in NLP but, as an NLPer, let me say this:
As an NLPer I am not interested in any argument. I am only concerned with a good solution for the situation.
Here we have 3 groups:
1) People who have little money but are happy.
2) People who do not have money and are unhappy.
3) People who have money and are unhappy.

The Happy People programme is one that will enable you to have more Love, Wealth and Happiness in your life.  This is the solution for each of the three groups. Each group will benefity
from The Happy People Programme. Just imagine how happy YOU are going to feel when the programme starts working for YOU. And work it will, trust me. If you really want to be happier and wealthier you will be. Bookmark this site and start following all the FREE advice here. There are over 200 articles you can read at your leisure.

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