Being Happy Gives You A Healthy Heart!


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Being Happy Means Good Health.
All over the world Newspaper and TV News Programmes today are telling us being Happy gives you a healthy heart.Well that may be news for them,but it is not news for us. Particularly if you are one of The Happy People. I have been lecturing about that for more than 30 years! This blog has been going for 3 years!
Bad Treatment For Heart Problems
Research  in the 1950’s showed that people who are angry, anxious or depressed all the time have a higher risk of heart attacks. Why? Past studies show the stress associated with negative psychological traits such as anger, anxiety or depression can lead to damage of arteries and the heart. These people were classed as showing Type A Behaviour.  People who were more relaxed, easy-going and less driven were said to be showing Type B Behaviour. Lots of treatments were developed for the Type A people.  Lots of the treatments including treatment with drugs at various levels of strength and, of course, various levels of dreadful side effects. None of them produced good results. People were moved to more and more powerful drugs. Their minds and lives were ruined. Some were made suicidal by the build up of drugs that were meant to stop them having heart problems.
Better Treatment Sixty Years Later….
Now they have had a change of direction. They have decided to try to work on the other side of the street. The Harvard School of Public Health have come to the conclusion, after 60 years of abysmal failure using drugs, “It might also be useful to focus on how we might ‘use’ the positive side of things.” So, instead of using drugs to fight Type A Behaviour, they are going to find out why and how people who have Type B Behaviour have  healthy hearts problems. The Harvard study looked at the wagon loads of research that shows that happy people are healthier and what areas they are healthier in and why it works. There are over 200 articles on this site that would have told them and saved them a lot of time.
Now It’s Be Happy
Anyhow, they are now saying that the way to keep your heart healthy is to be happy and to have a happy outlook i.e  be optimistic about the about the future. Type A Behaving people have TWICE the chance of getting heart problems as the people who are happy and optimistic. The Harvard research also showed that the people who said they felt happy and upbeat about their future also had healthier blood pressure, cholesterol, good weight control, and are more likely to exercise, eat healthier, get enough sleep and avoid smoking.
So there you have it. Harvard, the most important University in America is only now finding out stuff that The Happy People have been using for years
So What should You Do?
Join The Happy People and be ahead of the crowd LOL.
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Love, Wealth and Happiness,   Tommy


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