Children, Love, Happiness, Law Of Attraction, Karma!


Happy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Headline in the Daily Mail says:
“Having children may not make us happier… but it gives our lives more meaning, says research”
They’re WRONG! Children DO make you happier! And what a way to build up Good KARMA.
You make kids happy,  they make you happy, then you make them happy, then they make you happy. Try and make it go on for ever! What a way to build an unbroken loop of Good KARMA. Keep it flowing round and round for ever. LOL. Use the Law of Attraction to draw happiness into your life and pour it over your children in a warm shower.  Keep attracting it in and keep sending it out. That’s the way that the Laws of Attraction  and Karma work and this is one way to work with them in your life. I know that the correct use of these two Laws will give you EVERYTHING that you want in your life. I know, believe me.  If you want to read more bookmark this site and have a look at our Facebook Magazine at:

I said that the  Headline is wrong, but it is an interesting article. Read it at:


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