The Complete Happy Plan!

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What Would Make YOU Happy?
Usually getting what you want in your life. Now in order to get what you want in your life, first you must learn what it is that you want in your life. It could be anything. Perhaps it’s just one thing, perhaps it’s everything. Plenty of Money, lots of Success, a change of appearance, an exciting sex partner, a reliable husband or wife, of plenty friends, great holidays and a nice home. Why limit yourself? Find out what would really make you happy, get it, and start enjoying a happy lifestyle.
Sounds simple, doesn’t it? And you’re probably saying ‘It’s easy for him to talk’,aren’t you? And you’re right! Talking is easy. That’s why you do nothing but talk about what is wrong in your life. You never DO anything about it. It’s not as if this programme asks you to do anything hard. I make sure that each step is super easy to understand, to get started on and to keep on doing.
First you must prioritise your list. Find out what would give you the most satisfaction in your life and start going for that first.
That is your basic plan. Have a look at the list above and work out what you are going to go for first. Then examine the archives at         to find articles that will help you.
Getting Started
The next step is to move through the plan. To do this you will need energy to get you started, the energy to keep you going and the energy to stick to the plan until all those things that you can only dream about at present, become a reality. A part of your everyday life. Just think about how happy, how satisfying and how enjoyable your life will be when what you want to happen in your life is happening. And it will happen. Believe me! Just as sure as day follows the darkest night, it will work for you. Even if you are presently in  the pitch black darkness of disappointment, loneliness or despair, your new energy will be like the strongest torch beam. It will cut through the darkness and focus only on where you want go and show you the safest and quickest way to get there.
By now, I know that you are thinking, what energy is that? LOL. So let me stop telling you how much you are going to enjoy yourself and start talking about the ENERGY you will be using.. LOL.
The Energy
To get the full energy, you must follow some very simple guide lines. I hope that you already follow some of them.
1) Exercise regularly.
2) Be active. Get out and about. Your life won’t get better while you’re sitting in your armchair. The armchair is for doing your planning. If you’re not planning your next big event get up, get out and get moving.
3) Eat the right sort of healthy food. If you are overweight, start some sort of weight control plan.
4) Stop smoking, alcohol abuse and drug taking. If you are on drugs prescribed by your doctor, examine this area closely. I know lots of people who are on prescription drugs whose lives have been wrecked by them.
5) All the above are things you should be doing already to certain levels. Perhaps you could boost them a bit. They all drain you life energy and interfere with your body working for higher levels of achievement. The more you can cut down on them, the quicker you will get where you want to go. Believe me. I have seen it happen so many times. Now here are some things you may not be so familiar with.
6) Meditation. You are presently like a runner in a race trying to run with a large back pack. It is overloaded with rubbish from your past. Rubbish that your parents, teachers  and other people filled you with, brainwashing from the media, bad experiences and false beliefs. If you want to start winning the race  of life, you want to start getting rid of all that rubbish. And meditation will get rid of all of it, so completely that it will amaze you.
7) You must learn how Karma works and how to use it. Doing Good Karma means that Good Karma will come back to you. Doing Bad Karma means that Bad Karma will come back to you. Living a life full of Good Karma will help you achieve all that could ever want in your life.
8) You must understand the law of Cause and Effect i.e If you start working on your plan ,then  your plan will start working for you. Or: If you put money in the bank every week, then you will have enough for a great holiday. Or: If you spend all your money, then you’ll be broke. LOL.  Or: If you drink too much, the next day you’ll have a hangover. More  LOL
9) You must KNOW that there is an abundance and wealth of EVERYTHING that you could possibly want. It’s all out there. Money, Success, Love. They are all there just waiting for you to take your share. And I am going to teach you how to take all that you want,need and wish for.
10) You must learn how to flow your intrinsic energy. This is the pysical psychic and subtle  energy that is well known in Japan (Ki) and China (Chi). It is called  Ki as in Ai-KI-do or Chi as in Tai CHI. This is the most powerful energy that you can master. Roughly speaking it is a mixture of all the others. It is not in any way connected to Yoga.
I have listed 10 energies . You could concentrate on one of them, some of them or even all of them. The amount of work  you put in can be very slight or full power.  But just like the Laws of Karma the more you put in, the more you get out. The harder you work, the better the results. The more you focus, the quicker you will get what it is you want.
My advice to you is to start off using a little of each of them. And just let your strength build up. Follow the ones that you find easy to do. but increase the pressure.
When you get a good grip on the above.they will give you EVERYTHING that you want.
Go for it……NOW!
Love, Wealth and Happiness,   Tommy

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