Is Happiness a Choice?


I often talk about happiness being a choice. Below is a link to a video of Barry Schwartz talking  about the stress of having choices and the effect on happiness. This is a talk given at a TED seminar. You cannot go to a Ted Meeting unless you are invited. Only the cleverest thinkers in the world are invited to talk there or to attend. They talk about EVERYTHING! Money, mental health, Stage Magic, comedy, computer science, rocket science, running, etc. Somewhere on the Ted site the cleverest person in the world  will be giving a world class talk on your hobby or favourite subject. Go there and have a look and remember who sent you.

Ted Talk link

Why not do away with all stress?  And be happy all the time. Go and have a look at our magazine for The Happy People at

Love, Peace and Happiness, Tommy
P.S Here is another happiness talk at Ted by Barry Schwarz
Positive Pshychology: TED Talk #2 (
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2 thoughts on “Is Happiness a Choice?

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