How to stop Winter Depression in two steps!

Wintertime And Depression
Well it looks like winter is coming to an end, I think.  This unusually long, wet, windy winter has cause a left a lot of people with depression. Winter is a time when plenty of people feel low. It is called SAD or
Seasonal Affective Disorder and many, many people get it. Not just you! Do you feel a bit fragile, down or even depressed? Here is how you are going to beat back those winter blues and send them back to where they belong!

The Problem
First let’s take a look at what it is that is bothering you. When you are going through one of these depressing periods everything seems to get you down. People, places and things are all affected. The depression seems to spread like a virus and have an affect on your whole life. Just like a tiny, tiny virus bug can spread through your whole  body and give you headaches, a running nose, coughing, sneezing, a  sore throat  and aching limbs, so a single depressing thought can spread through your whole mind and poison your whole life.
Depressing Thoughts Can Ruin Your Life  
Let’s look at an example. You are feeling a bit down. A friend is talking to you and they say something you don’t like. Because you are in a downbeat mood, you start having a downbeat reaction. Why are they like this? What have I done? Why don’t they like me?You vow never to speak to them again. You start thinking about ways to pay them back.  Your downbeat mood goes even deeper. And it refuses to go away. You keep thinking about the incident. And get more upset.
This is the sort of thing that we have all had happen to us. Sometimes from the other side. LOL
Anyhow, we all know what i am talking to you about, so what can we do to stop
these crippling moods?
How To Stop Depression From Being So Depressing
Here is how to stop these negative ways of thinking. This is a method that I have developed over the years which has helped lots and lots of people. It has two steps.
The First Step
See the scene as a movie. You are watching a movie of you and your friend talking. Now move back. Now you are watching from a distance and you can just about see and hear what he is saying. Now, at a safe distance, examine the emotion that you are having. In Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), this is called Going To Third Person.
The Second Step
You could at this stage stay with NLP. There are several NLP methods to get rid of any emotions that are upsetting you. But I want to tell you more about the simplest, easiest and most powerful method that I know. Meditation.
The Meditation Exercise
You must do this meditation correctly. BEFORE you start, you must think to yourself:
1) I’m going to distance myself from this emotion.
2) I am going to go deep into my meditation where emotions don’t exist.
3) This emotional problem will just float away.
Now stop thinking and meditate. As you know, when you are meditating you should try not to think about anything. As you meditate, the negative emotion will go further and further away. It will fade into the distance like a puff of smoke on a windy day. When you finish meditating, it will either be gone completely or be so far away that it will stop affecting you.
At first glance, this technique might seem a bit too simple to be really good. It is simple. I have designed it to be as simple as possible. But it is also very powerful. I have joined up a powerful NLP technique with one of the strongest effects of Zen meditation. Try it. You’ll be well pleased.

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Love,Peace and Happiness, Tommy

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