Dogs have psychic power to give you Happiness!


Happiness (Photo credit: Advertise2win®)

If you want to get happy get a dog!
Research at the University of Porto, Portugal have found that DOGS have an amazing psychic link with human beings. That means you and me.
They can ‘read’ your emotional state and react to it. This is called ‘Emotional Contagion’. Dr. Karina Silva tested this by getting dog owners to act distressed. Their pets also started to show distress. I know this is true and you can test it if you have a dog. ~
The Test
Put your hands up to your face and pretend to cry and see if your dog reacts. Most will do react and show distress. They are sharing your emotional upset.
If you don’t have a dog ask a friend who does to try it. Then if you stop acting upset and make a fuss of them, they become twice as excited and happy. Jumping all over you and licking your face.
You’ve Proved It
This proves the experiment was right. They are happy when you are happy. They become  upset when you are upset. And they are delighted when you recover from you pretend ‘upset’.
If you show a dog that you are happy to see it, it will quickly show that it is happy to see you. But you already know this, don’t you?
My point is that you know this but you are not aware of the happiness quality that is all around you. It is EEEZZZY to get happy if you know how. There are many, many other happiness elements in your life.  You must learn how to recognise what they are and to use them to the full.
Today we are talking about you and your dog. And of course, happiness. Here is a SIMPLE exercise for you to get even more fun into your life. And your dog’s life.
The next time you know that you are going to see your dog shortly. Perhaps you are going home. Imagine the moment your dog sees you. How will it act? Makes you feel warm just thinking about it, doesn’t it? When you see him or her, make a great fuss.  Much more than you usually do. This feels even better, doesn’t it? Keep it going. Roll, tickle, scratch and rub. This has to make you happy. And your dog. Try to judge which of you is having the most, happy fun. You are making yourself happy AND spreading it around. Building up lots of the best kind of Karma to enjoy at a later date.
If you don’t have a dog, do it with a friend’s dog. Or a neighbour’s. LOL
If you’re having a bad day, there is the remedy. Right at your feet. Bend down and GET HAPPY!
Why not post a good picture of your dog or other pet in our happiness magazine on our happiness page at
Love, Wealth and Happiness,  Tommy.

P.S. Share this post with a friend and earn even more good Karma for yourself.  T

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