Meditation + NLP will give you whatever you want!

Keykubat Beach in Alanya.

Keykubat Beach in Alanya. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Meditation is a joyful bliss which cannot be d...

Meditation is a joyful bliss which cannot be described by words. So watch the expressions on face while someone is correctly meditating. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What Will They Do For You?
Meditation will enable you to move mountains mentally. But you must first build your brain up to it’s full power and then use it in a positive way. Most of you use your brains to ruin your lives.  You fill yourself with negative thoughts. You make plans that couldn’t possibly work in real life. Then you plough through life making one foolish decision after another.
So what do The Happy People do to make them get the all the things they want? Things like Happiness, Success and lots of Loving Relationships?
The First Step
First you must start doing the right kind of meditation. All forms of meditation are good but some are better for doing certain things.
What EXACTLY Will This Do For Me?
Well, when you start meditating , the actual grey matter in a part of you brain called the hippocampus will grow thicker and bigger. As a result of this:
1) Your can deal with stress and its dreadful effects with greater ease.
2) Your ability to do creative thinking will increase.
3) You will learn new stuff more easily
4) your memory will be stronger.
This is scientific fact that has been examined and found to be true over and over again in research.
The scientists have found that you can actually change the brain and this will add increased power to your thinking, your well being and your quality of life. You can do this by meditating. So you must start meditating. But what do you do when you have started meditating and you are developing your super charged brain? A more powerful brain? A brain operating at higher levels of efficiency?
You must start making the changes in your life that this new brain can be used on. Changes that will bring you all the things that you want in your life! AND GET THEM.
The Second Step
This is the level at which you start to going for and getting everything that you want in your life. To make the changes that really count.  The ones that you want.
Here is what you must do:
1) You must set up well formed outcomes i.e so you know EXACTLY what you want.
2) You must set up well formed plans for getting them.
3) You must set up well formed plans to keep you moving forward until you do get them.
4) You must make written notes for every step and stage of the way. So that if you run into ANY problems you can use your new brain’s creativity to move past them. You then go back to  3) Start moving forward again and KEEP moving towards everything that you want.
You can work you way through these last four items  using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming or some other well organised self monitoring programme.
Final Words
If you are really fed up with feelings of failure, loneliness and depression, if you really want to change them for feelings of success, love and  happiness, then join The Happy People. It’s FREE!. How? Just follow this site. Visit our magazine at

Share this posts here and there with your friends. The bestr way to be happy is to make somebody else happy! Share with a friend. LOL

Love, Wealth and Happiness,  Tommy

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