Are you happy right now?


Happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are you happy right now?
When I ask you that, do you have to think for a time before you answer? People do not seem to have an awareness of how happy they are in the present moment. (But you are going to change that when you increase the amount of happiness in your life.)
You are not like that with your other emotional states. You are well aware when you are depressed, you are well aware when you are disappointed and you are well aware when you are lonely. And when you are aware of being sad, depressed or lonely, you have the ability to dwell on those feelings. You can dwell on them for long periods. You can wallow in them until they take over your whole life. Perhaps you will not admit to being like that yourself, but you certainly know somebody who spends their whole life complaining, don’t you?
Why is happiness different? When you are happy, why doesn’t it have the power that other emotions have? Why can’t you dwell on it and make it last for long periods? Why can’t you wallow in it and let it take over your whole life?
Isn’t that something to look forward to? Wallowing in HAPPINESS whenever you want, all day and any day.
Perhaps it’s sounds impossible right now BUT I’m going to help you get there.
And just to get you off to a happy start, let me tell you that it won’t cost you  a penny! It’s free! Gratis! Por nada! LOL.
Let’s Get To It!
Happiness seems to come at odd moments. Sometimes you expect it and it lets you down and doesn’t happen. Other times it comes when you least expect it, for no reason.
You can’t make it come, you can’t dwell on it and increase the strength of the feeling and you can’t make it last. Perhaps you can’t right now BUT we’re going to change all that. What Exactly Is Happiness?
It is very hard to say exactly what happiness is. It can be many things to many people. It has many levels of meaning from mild contentment to being deliriously happy. It can cover all areas of your life.
Let’s say that the downside of life was when you were feeling sad, lonely and disappointed. This brings to my mind a picture of a person who has no excitement, nothing to look forward to, nothing to get them out of bed in the morning.
So,for now, shall we say that when you are bubbling with excitement, can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning and really looking forward to tomorrow, that would be real happiness for you.
That’s what you will be going for. And, if you only get half way there, you’ll still be really pleased, won’t you? lol
So Let’s Get Started!
But where? When? And how?
Go to our blog at as soon as possible and start reading the over 2oo articles there telling  you how. Become one of The Happy People by spreading the message of Love, Abundant Wealth and Happiness. Share the articles with your friends.

More soon.
Love, Wealth and Happiness,  Tom

4 thoughts on “Are you happy right now?

  1. The best thing about the question is that at any given moment when I stop to answer that question, at that moment I am at least well. Not in imminent peril (I can hear and answer). Able to read and listen. If not in imminent peril i tend to be happy… These checks are great 🙂

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