Depressed? Unhappy? Blame yourself!

A sad face.

A sad face. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are You Feeling Depressed?

Are you depressed, lonely, a failure? Is your life one miserable disappointment after another? Are you fed up with everything?

If so, blame yourself! That’s right. It’s your own fault! Nobody else’s!

How can I Get Happiness,Love, Success?

Well, if you want changes, you have to make changes. YOU, not somebody else!

Not your parents.

Not your lover.

Not your boss.


Are You Ready For The Big Time?

Are you ready to make the changes that will make the difference in your life? Starting off small then as you get better, more skilled at it, growing bigger, better, more powerful. Until they become Big Time Changes!

But are you really ready? Is the real you inside you screaming for more of the wealth of goodies you want. Can you feel that wanting deep down inside you. Goodies like happiness, love, money, fun, excitement.

Because if you are not burning for those things, well buzz off and come back when you are. But if you are ready commit yourself mentally, psychically and emotionally, then let me help you.

How Do You Start?

There are over 200 articles at  Go there and learn all you can about how to get what YOU want.

We have a magazine at

Please Share your thoughts, ideas, photos, quotations and jokes in the magazine and make new friends. Please Share all the articles etc with your friends.

Every thing is FREE!

Soon. Love, Wealth and Happiness,  Tommy


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