Depressed? Four Quick Happiness Fixes!

English: Graduation hugs

English: Graduation hugs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy girl 5

Happy girl 5 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A depressed man sitting on a bench

A depressed man sitting on a bench (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fix That Depression.
The next time you’re sad, downbeat or depressed, try one, two or even all four of these quick happiness fixes. They’re all free or very low cost. So they’ll break the depression but not the bank. LOL

The Four Happiness Fixes
1) Give somebody a hug. The odds are that they will hug you back. Plenty of researchers have found that people who were hugged frequently were happier than people who weren’t. So if you want the mood-changing benefits  of being hugged, you hug them first.
Cunning aren’t I?
2) Get a pet. Research at Miami University show that pets are as good at providing you with happiness and good feelings as friends, family and other people. I have done a few excellent articles about this on this blog.
3) Get moving, do something active, stir yourself. Wash the car, take the dog from 2) above for a walk, practise your Michael Jackson dancing. Studies at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm prove exercise has the same kind of physical effects on the brain as antidepressants drugs. And lots of other benefits. And no side effects. Wow! What a winner!  Where are my training shoes?
4) Many studies show that performing acts of kindness will make you feel happier. Unless, that is, the acts become repetitive tasks.  Get started doing them and get started getting rid of that downbeat feeling.

Bonus! Bonus! Bonus!
The hidden bonus is that in most of the above you will be making other people feel good (even if it’s only your dog! lol). And that is the biggest secret of happiness. Sharing it! Making other people feel good! The more happiness you give out the more will come back to you. It’s called Karma.
People ask me how they can join my Happy People. It’s easy. Just keep visiting this site and read the blogs. Visit our Facebook magazine at
and send as many jokes, articles, photos, quotes and doctor’s notes as you can. Learn to share happiness not misery. Share all our stuff with everybody you know. See how many people you can share this post with. You will then be one of The Happy People. See how many miserable people you can change. LOL

Love, Wealth and Happiness,    Tommy

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