Miley Cyrus, Meditation and Karma!

In a recent television program “The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet“, she urged other girls to “Wake-up.  Just be yourself.  Go meditate.  Go spend 10 minutes really looking at yourself”.
Miley also belives in reincarnation . She  Tweeted: “For my next life can I please come back as some form of marine life?” She has ‘karma’ is tattooed on her right index finger. She has now licensed an online “Miley’s Meditation” game which shows an animated Cyrus meditating.
She is obviously one of The Happy People. Her meditation and study of Karmic Law will keep her moving forward in the extreme stresses of  professional singing and Show Business life.
Why don’t you become one of The Happy People? It’ easy and it’s FREE. Just follow this blog. Learn, obtain
English: Billy Ray Cyrus and his daughter Mile...

and share your happiness with other people. Just as Miley does.
Love,Wealth and Happiness,   Tommy

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