Mind and Body!

Deutsch: Phrenologie

Deutsch: Phrenologie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do  You Want A Healthier Mind And Body?
Of course you do! Everybody does!
Let me tell you about some research that will encourage you. You will learn how to train both your mind and body at the same time.
Footballers are not known for being particularly clever.  But according to Plos One journal, their brains function at a higher level than the rest of us.
Higher Performance In What Way?
1) They learn how see a problem coming from nowhere.
2) To fully understand that problem.
3) To create a solution at lightening speed.
4) To carry out that solution at lightning speed.
The Test
Scientists tested the mental abilities of 60 top footballers, male and female, and compared them with the mental abilities of non-footballers and players from lower leagues. The tests included the mental abilities to be immediately creative, see new solutions and quickly change tactics.
The Results
The non-footballers scored lowest. The lower league players came next. The top footballers scored highest. A point to note is that they scored a lot higher than the low league players. Here we have a strong mind and body effect.
Why Is That?
a) The intense training and fierce competition. The speed of top level football caused a stronger flow of blood, rich with nutrients to the brain. And, of course,  the better the fuel, the better the performance.
b)  They were in the the top league because they already had the mental abilities mentioned above.
c) Training with and playing against other top leaguers sharpened up their mental abilities even more.
What Does This Mean For You?
Well if you would like your mind and body to operate at higher levels,  if you would like to
improve your skills at 1), 2), 3) and 4) above, it means a lot.
If you are a physical type, get involved in a competitive  sport. Probably the best would be a martial art such as boxing, wrestling or karate. If they are too physical, try lawn tennis or table tennis. If they are too competitive,  try chess or draughts (checkers U.S) but you must work against a strict time regulation between moves.
Putting It In A Nutshell
The vital elements here are:
Physical movement.
As many body parts involved as possible.
Fast moving.
Quick problems.
Quick analysis
Quick reactions
Just try to involve as many of these elements as possible. You don’t have to do them all. For instance, perhaps your exercise programme is not competitive?  Perhaps you are just not physical at all? Playing chess will do the trick. But it will probably build up slightly different parts of the brain. Just make sure to involve the timer. The more pressure you put on your mind or body, the stronger they grow.
Start a program based on the above as soon as possible. Join The Happy People. We believe in total mind and body health and training. Become the happiest, fittest, cleverest person around. LOL.
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Love, Wealth and Happiness,  Tommy


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