Are You Ready For Happiness?

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Are You Ready For Happiness?
How will you know when you are ready for happiness? Well I’m assuming that you have already decided on starting your journey to increasing your own personal happiness and you are now ready to begin working on yourself. You’ve decided that your life is not what you want it to be You want to be happier, to start being more successful in what you like doing, to get more of the good things in life. Things like love, good relationships, wealth. You must start  moving forward on your journey.
How Did You Find This Happiness Blog?
Perhaps you read a book or heard something or even become one of TheHappy People.  Whatever it was that got you started isn’t important. What is important is that you get started and keep making good progress. To do this you must know what to look for so that you know that you are making progress. I am going to tell you some signs to look for.
Happiness Progress Signals
Everybody is chasing different dreams. So they will get different signals about their progress. Keep this in mind as you read this. Use your imagination to fit the advice into your dream of what happiness is for you. In the beginning you will notice a change in yourself. You will start becoming more aware of how you feel. At first it may a feeling of pleasure  when you are doing something. You say to yourself: “I feel good doing this.” You start being aware of  how you feel  at times, then at more times, then all the time. You realise that some things make you happy and other things make you unhappy. The next stage is that you start avoiding the things that make you unhappy. This awareness is hard for me to explain because it can happen in so many different ways. The next stage is that you stop doing all the silly, senseless, non-logical things that have been making you unhappy all your life. And replace them with things that bring you rewards, joy and pleasure. That sounds simple, doesn’t it? Almost too simple. Well that is how I am going to teach you. I’m going to keep it so simple that you can’t fail and will make steady progress. Small, easy, simple steps so that you never put a foot wrong. As you grow in your power and experience and confidence,  you will naturally move onto bigger things. But in the beginning you must keep it simple. See the tips below at foot of article.
How Can You Do This?
How do you stop doing things that are messing your life up and start doing things that will give you everything that I want? The rich, rewarding, enjoyable life that some people are having but you’re not. Before going any further, just let me remind you that you are entitled to be having that good life. Your nervous system is designed to take you there. And when you get there, you will know. Your mind and body will tell you that, at last, you are living the right way. Your life will fill with  laughter, love and achievement. You will draw good things into your life. You will be living the Law Of Attraction as set out on The Secret and other such works.
How Will My Happiness Grow?
Progress is different for everybody. I remember Mary who came to one of my group meetings and left 90 minutes later a completely changed person. So much so that when she got home, her family noticed. Mary was a perfect example of what a person can achieve. She came in with a glum expression and was complaining about being fed up and depressed about the life she was leading. Before the meeting was over she was laughing and smiling. She was joking with the other people and making them laugh. She continued in the same way and was the life and soul of all the meetings she came to. She was a perfect example of what YOU could achieve. Not everybody changes as quickly as Mary. I think that her lightning fast change came from the  misery that she was experiencing in her life before coming to the meeting. She was desperate for change and what she heard did the trick for her.
How Quickly Could I Make Changes?
Other people make these important changes at different speeds. Some do it very quickly (but not as quickly as Mary did) others take a bit longer. I have realised that the stronger you want to change, the more depressed you are about your life, the quicker you will make the changes. Once you start, you quickly become aware that you are making changes that effect your life very strongly.
How To Notice The Happiness
Different people people have different understandings of happiness. And will notice the increase of it in different ways. Here are a few that you may notice: 1) You get up in a better mood. 2) You start looking forward to what you are going to do that day. 3) You laugh more. 4) Other people notice and say things like: “Nothing seems to bother you.” Or : “You seem happy today.” Etc. 5) Nothing seems to bother you. 6) You will move from self centred views to generosity of spirit. 7) Nothing will be too big for you to handle. 7) You will be able to meet and beat adversity I don’t want to go into this too much because everybody will have different experiences. This list is very general. You may become aware of some of the things on it, you may become aware of entirely different feelings. But, believe me, you will be well aware of the changes you are making. This awareness becomes a non-stop trickle of good feeling. And the trickle grows to become a powerful river flowing through every part of your life.
How Can I Make Happiness Grow Even Faster?
Like I said. Search Google for ‘Happiness’ to learn about the latest research by the Neuroscientist s! Search Amazon for the mountains of books by the traditional gurus and Neuroscientists, Psychotherapists and researchers. The best way, of course, is to join The Happy People (But I would say that, wouldn’t  I?LOL). All that you need to do, to join, is to follow this blog. It’s free and you can get help when you run into problems on your climb to a bigger, better, more bountiful lifestyle..
Final Happiness Tips.
Keep it simple. Start with small, easy steps. Do not advise, lecture or nag other people about their unhappy behaviour. Remember the Tenth Ox Herding Meditation painting. You turn people on by your example. By your having a great life. Let them ask for advice. (For now, anyhow.)
FINAL, FINAL TIP (Please notice the capitals!)
The above advice is for YOU, yes YOU to make changes for and to YOURSELF, yes, YOURSELF. Do not try to change the world ! Not just yet anyhow. When there are more of us….. Then we will have some FUN. Believe me, that is a promise LOL
I said FINAL, FINAL TIP but I was only kidding. See you soon, Love , Wealthand Happiness, Tommy.


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