Happy deeds bring happiness! Karma!

Happiness And Kindness
Happiness brings more happiness. What if happiness were used as a sort of money? The Danish chocolate company Anthon Berg tried an experiment six months ago. They called it the Generous Store campaign.
What They Did
The company paid people in advance with chocolate. In return, these people promised to perform a generous act for a loved one.
The campaign was run on Facebook. People who wanted to participate, posted on Facebook, promising to perform various acts of kindness. They then picked up their payment in chocolate. When they had done their kind act, they posted details on Facebook. Seven out of ten of them reported feeling happy when they received the chocolate, happy that the chocolate company could trust them and happy again when they performed the kind act.
The Result
That is three bursts of happiness in one go. Could you think up a way in which you could do something similar? LOL
It is very hard to do three. This experiment involved three parties. The chocolate company causing the second party to act in that way. But it is very easy to get two bursts of happiness in one go.
I have written before about how you get a happy feeling when you do an act of kindness for somebody. If they show some sort of gratitude, you get another happy feeling.
Many, many experiments have been done that show this effect to work. It works particularly well if you do an act of kindness or help to a stranger.
Don’t forget that you are also setting up a flow of Good Karma. All of which will flow back to you!
Give it a try. Give a stranger a piece of chocolate. Tell them that I told you to. LOL.
I’m serious. Give it a try. Write and let me know at our magazine at


Happiness!!! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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