How to be Happy!

The “Bonze des Humors” (Laughing Buddha) by Be...

The “Bonze des Humors” (Laughing Buddha) by Bernhard Hoetger in Worpswede, Germany. Español: El “Bonze des Humors” (Buda sonriente) de Bernhard Hoetger en Worpswede, Alemania. Català: El «Bonze des Humors» (Buda somrient) de Bernhard Hoetger a Worpswede, Alemanya. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The First Rung On The Happiness Ladder
Everybody wants to be happy. but not everybody knows how  to do it. you will learn an excellent approach to being happy in this article.
The Approach Is Meditation
It has been shown by research and personal experience that a session of meditation will give you a slight euphoric (happy) feeling. This is having your feet on the first rung of the ladder of happiness. If you are feeling depressed, with the simple method of meditating, you have achieved two excellent results. You have halted a downbeat mood and started moving in the right direction. The more experienced you become at meditation, the more quickly you can do this. You will start experiencing this happy feeling quite quickly.
If you want to move up to a totally happy lifestyle, or if you are in a hurry you should add other happiness techniques into your plan. This blog has 300 articles that will tell you how to do this.
If You Are Seriously Unhappy?
Let’s suppose your happiness is being stopped by more serious problems. Perhaps you have harmful addictions, or serious depressions or long running anxieties.
Meditation will help you get back on the path to the full happy lifestyle that you  should be having.
Good News For Meditators 
A report in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (A  top scientific journal) told of a study comparing a group being taught meditation with a group being taught relaxation techniques.
After a very short period of time, researchers discovered that changes were taking place in the brains of the meditation group. These changes were in the white matter associated with the ‘anterior cingulate cortex’. This is a part of the brain associated self-regulation. It is involved in certain mental issues such addiction and mental disorders, including attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, depression, schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder. The relaxation group did not show any changes.
Lots of other studies have been done that showed meditation appears to make changes in brain regions associated with memory, sense of self, empathy, and stress. An amazing side note is how quickly these changes start working.
Lessons In How To Be Happy
The lesson being given by these scientists and all their research is that you must start meditating as soon as possible.
Another lesson is this: You must be meditating. Not relaxing. A lot of the meditation being taught locally is not true meditation. Sitting or lying down thinking about nice things, just relaxing, visualizing or thinking about things attached to some religion will not give you the best results. Meditating in these ways is good for you. If you are doing it this way carry on doing this. But: if you have any of the mental problems I talk about above, if you want to prevent them from happening to you, if you want to build a bigger, stronger, better brain box, a brain that will work for you instead of ruining your life, then you must look for true, powerful  meditation.Let me finish by repeating that the proper type of meditation will build you a bigger, better brain, sound mental health and happy lifestyle. Start moving along the Happiness Highway, start meditating

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Love,Wealth and Happiness,

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