How To Be Happy Helping Others!

Burning candle

Burning candle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another Lesson In How To Be Happy
Most of you have felt happiness at times in your life. The Art of being one of The Happy People is to be happy more massively. You have to learn how to be happy on a massive scale. To really enjoy those great feelings more often, for longer periods of time and more powerfully than you have known before.
You are entitled to be happy. God, or nature if you prefer, made you that way. Your whole life should be devoted to feeling happiness as often and for as long as you can.
Are You Serious?
It wouldn’t be realistic to think that you could be totally happy for every moment of your life. That is not what I am saying.
Into everybody’s life a little rain must fall.
The rain will fall into my life, your life, everybody’s life. Believe me! I know! LOL
But what I am saying is that you must have the skill in you to enjoy every possible piece of happiness that you can, wherever you can and whenever you can.
I know that most of the people reading this have started following The Happy People advice here on this blog. If you aren’t, you should. It’s all free.
The Next Step
Anyhow, once you have started.Here is the next step. It is very important,  very effective and very  powerful. Start on this second step as soon as possible.
Happiness Is Sharing, Share your Happiness
You could say that happiness is like a candle. Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. And the flame will stay as bright. You must use your happiness candle to  light other people’s candles. Other people all have a candle. They just haven’t lit it yet.
Your candle of happiness must be shared. You must use it to light their candles and show them how to be happy. You must use it to help other depressed, dysfunctional or stressed out people. This has several great side  effects. It makes the people you’re sharing with happy, it makes you even happier and it produces good Karma. It produces good Karma in two ways. You are being happy and that is what Nature designed you for. Above everything else your purpose in life is to be happy. When you are, Good Karma is flowing for you. You are sharing your gift with somebody who is probably a friend, spouse or relative close to your heart.
Just think about it for moment. When you share your joy in living with another person, you are doing  something truly beautiful. You/we are making ripples in the pond of  Life.
Who knows where those ripples will spread out to? Please help the ripples of happiness to spread. Please share this post and others on the blog with ALL your friends,
Love, Wealth and Happiness,

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