What is Meditation good for? Multitasking!

Meditation will make you better at multitasking.
When you multitask, you’re often running in so many different directions, it’s hard to do one thing well. Here’s how to multitask with a clear mind.If you need to do some serious multitasking, some training in meditation beforehand could make the work smoother and less stressful, new research from the University of Washington shows. And who wouldn’t want that?

Research suggests that meditation training can help people working with information stay on tasks longer with fewer distractions and also improves memory and reduces stress. Here’s how to quickly focus your mind on the one thing you really need or want to do:

  1. Stop. As soon as you realize you are multitasking, stop. In other words, learn to interrupt the interruptions.
  2. Clear. Now take a moment to untask. To untask, try something silly, you can do a little dance, jump up and down, sing a song, or even scream. The important thing is to get in the habit (as soon as you catch yourself multitasking) of giving yourself a complete mental pause. Think of this as pressing the reset button on your brain.
  3. Choose. Now that you have untasked, ask yourself, “What do I really want to do (or have to do) right now?” You might need to wait a few seconds before getting an answer. Or you might find that the answer pops into your mind immediately. Now that you have cleared your mind of other…………….

    Read the FULL great article at:http://veterinaryteam.dvm360.com/firstline/Veterinary+team/Multitask-more-efficiently-with-these-meditation-t/ArticleStandard/Article/detail/778056
    (I’ll bet you’re glad you didn’t have to type that URL out LOL)
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