Meditation builds a bigger, better brain!

A new piece of research shows that the part of the brain linked with attention deficit disorder, depression, schizophrenia, addiction and even dementia, can be improved by meditation combined with muscle relaxation. This is beyond the basic meditation that is believed to reduce stress and lower blood pressure.  Study participants were cued by a coach on ph

Meditation (Photo credit: atsukosmith)

ysical relasation and mental imagery while listening to music. Volunteers  who did IBMT (integrative body-mind training) for as

little as eleven hours over four weeks showed increased myelin (the sheaths that cover critical brain cells) as well as more dense axons (part of the brain cells)—both positive.  Those changes tend to make people feel better emotionally and may improve or even prevent mental disorders.

But all The Happy People know this already (take a look at .  Still it’s great to see it backed by Science, isn’t it
Here is a link to a great article by Laura Hand who anchors anchors CNY Central’s Weekend Today in Central New York.:
Here’s a full ‘English’ version of the whole study from Science Daily: To read the actual study, search ‘Mechanisms of white matter changes induced by meditation’  and you’ll get more detail.
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