How to be happy? Choose to be happy!

Happy kid

Happy kid (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is a truly great article about how you can be happy by choosing to be happy.
Many bad things can stop the happiness in your life. Depression, lack of money, bereavement, changes of circumstance can all destroy your full enjoyment of life.
The tragedy of these setbacks is that you lose sight of the fact that you were born to be happy. If you are not happy your physical and mental health will worsen. You know things should be different but you don’t know how to change them. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that happiness is an easy thing to get. For some people it can be next to impossible. BUT you will get there.  So the sooner you start, the sooner you will get there. The sooner you stop all those unhappiness hormones pumping through your body and get those happiness hormones pumping into your bloodstream, the healthier and  happier you will feel.
How To Be Happy
First you must make the choice to be happy. You must adopt the mind set that you are going to be happy.
Thenyou must have a strong plan:
1) Separate your problem areas out.
2) Start working on them.
3) If you can’t change some of them, accept the fact. Compartmentalise these  areas.
4) Start working on the happiness areas that you can change.
5) Start working on building new areas for happiness into your life.
You are probably wondering how you are going to actually do these things.
If so, go to the blog at there are over 300 articles there that will help you. And it’s all FREE!

Here is an excerpt from the article I mentioned at the beginning of my post.
To read the full article, and you should, go to the link immediately below it.

Love , Peace and Happiness,    Tommy


You Can Choose Happiness

Yet, despite how difficult things are for so many, as I had to learn myself, it’s important to realize that we can still be perfectly happy… providing that we understand the one, true source of genuine, lasting happiness.

There’s a well-known scientific study that provides some necessary insight:

Researchers looked at three groups of people: lottery winners, accident victims who tragically became paraplegic, and a control group who neither won the lottery nor suffered severe trauma. Predictably enough, the study found that in the first few months after winning, lottery recipients experienced a large upward spike in their level of happiness, while the happiness level for the recently paralyzed subjects fell dramatically.

That’s not surprising, as anyone who has ever received shockingly good or bad news can attest. What’s startling is what researchers discovered beginning at sixth months and becomes unmistakable at the 12-month mark: Within a year, the happiness level of those that had won the lottery had fallen all the way back to, and in some cases well-below where it had been prior to their windfall. Conversely, after about a year, the paraplegic subjects had adjusted to their new life circumstances, and their happiness levels had recovered entirely. In fact, they were generally much happier than the lottery winners!


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