How To Be Happy And Live Longer In 5 Easy Steps!

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Stay Young And Happy!MSNBC party (Photo credit: fimoculous)

It’s No Good Building A Happy Life, If You Die Young.
If you want to be happy then you must want to have a long life of fun, enjoyment and fulfilment. If not, what a waste! Particularly if you are one of  our Happy People
So how do you make sure that you have a long life?
It is very simple, but not always easy. Just like in your happiness training, you must start building beliefs, practising certain actions and behaving in certain ways. If you have been reading this blog and doing the happiness programme, then you already have a good idea of what I mean. But instead of using the factors that you use for increasing your happiness, you start using factors that will give you a longer life.
Here are some of those factors:
1) Intelligence And Logic.
This combination  is probably the most important. Just think about it. People who have these factors or who build them up are likely to take care of their health and avoid risks, They also develop healthier relationships, whether they be romantic or just friendship. Some people are fortunately already strong in this area. But you can  still b


Be Young, Be HappyHappiness (Photo credit: Sync)

ecome even stronger by exercising your powers.
2) Good Humour And Lots Of Laughing
A study done at Einstein’s Institute for Aging Research, of the personalities of  243 centenarians, we found qualities of a positive attitude towards life. The study reflected that frequent laughter, an easy going attitude and optimism might tack on years to your life. There was some evidence that personality can change between the ages of 70 and 100. So I’m going to recommend that as soon as you reach 70, you must, and this is a rule for ALL The Happy People, start having twice as much fun, enjoyment and happiness as before.
3) Build A Strong Social Network
Get out more, mix with more people and make more friends! Here is one you have to be careful about. The right friends can really turn your life around but the wrong ones can make your life misery. For instance, your family. Good, strong family ties will work magic in your life, but sometimes your family can be the main cause of unhappiness in your life. Be aware but with the right people get involved.
4) Don’t Worry, Be Happy (And You Will Live Longer!)
Believe me! It’s True! If you have any doubt, a research document published last year by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences showed that, during a five year long study of  3,000 elderly people, those who reported being unhappy were TWICE as likely to die as those who reported being happy! Amazingly, this was true even in people who were chronically ill!
5) Diet, Exercise And Rest!
Look after after these and you’ll be looking after your happiness and length of life.

See you on the blog. Don’t forget to share the happiness training with all your friends!
Love, Wealth and Happiness,


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