Which Meditation Is Best For You?

Deutsch: Bodhidharma

The Father Of Zen Meditation Deutsch: Bodhidharma (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ALL meditation is good for you. The worst kind of meditation will bring benefits to anybody and everybody. But they are not all the same in value. Here is an article about different types of meditation. My quotes from it are in inverted commas:
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“If you aren’t enjoying your meditation practice, a small new study suggests a possible reason why: You aren’t doing the method that’s right for you. ……….. found that not all people prefer the same kind of meditation practices. The study suggests that the best way for someone to actually stick with a meditation practice might be to pick the kind that he or she feels most comfortable with.”

This is modernising meditation to the point where it is next to useless. You end up doing a type of so called meditation that is easy for you to do instead of one  that is powerful and will bring massive changes and benefits to your life.

“….study, published in EXPLORE: The Journal of Science and Healing, included 247 people between ages 20 and 56 who were taught four kinds of meditations: Qigong Visualization, Mantra, Zen or Mindfulness. ”

Zen is the most powerful of these. For the simple reason that it goes beyond the other three, it goes  beyond them in scope and it goes beyond them because the results are obvious and can be judged by observers. The affect it has on the people who follow it can be judged in many areas that are not meditation. These areas range from Calligraphy to Sumo wrestling and include Art, Flower Arranging, Tea Ceremony, Kendo (Sword Fighting) and many others. Zen’s scope has two extra levels. See The Ten Ox-herding Drawings, Level 9, Going Back Into The Everyday World and Level 10 , Inspiring Others With Your Actions.
The article is excellent and you should read it. The link is at the end of this article.
I would like to see a study that would allow third party observers to examine people who had been meditating in the four types mentioned for perhaps three years. They could then give a better judgement on which was the better type of meditation to take up. Instead of the easiest or latest fashion being the deciding factor.
Google and study The Ten Ox-herding Drawings to get a better understanding of some of the points that I have made.

Love, Wealth and Happiness,

Link to full article:



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