How Happiness And Exercise Defeats Depression!

Clinical Depression

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Perfect Anti-depressant : Exercising outdoors is healthier than working out indoors. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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End Depression?

When you’re downbeat, unhappy or  depressed, you think that the feeling is NEVER going to end! Depression is a terrible affliction. It can completely destroy your life. It is probably the biggest underlying cause in suicides. And the worst fact is that the number of people suffering from it is growing every day.

What Can You Do About It?

Well here is a way that you can end it in 20 MINUTES! Yes just 20 minutes! That is how long the University College London has discovered it takes. They found that 20 minutes  of exercise (they were studying the benefits of gardening) can effect depression. The exercise involved in gardening made people feel more upbeat and reduced their feeling of mental distress.

How Does It Stop Depression?
It stops depression by making your neurotransmitters produce endorphin. This calms the brain and this helps with th

e production serotonin. Serotonin is the feel good brain chemical. The serotonin gives you a happy feeling that enables you to get back on track. As the gloom  lifts, you can start getting your life back together. And this is what you want! Twenty minutes is all it takes. Don’t forget they were studying gardening NOT strenuous exercise. But you don’t have to start gardening. You may have absolutely no interest in gardening. If that is the case then walking will have the same effect on your mood. And it is free and easy to do. Just open your front door and start moving forward. If it’s sunny, walk on the sunny side of the street. This level of activity or mild exercise will work for you. Your mood will change. Your depression will lift. There is no doubt about that. As you do this regularly, you will notice the increase in the effect. As this happens you may feel that you need to build up the effect even more. If so, start looking for a few hills to include in your walk. Or walk faster. If you are gardening, increase the amount of time you spend doing it.
How To Use This
That will look after the needs of most people who have low moods at times. But what if your moods are strongly downbeat or you are having them too often and can’t get out of them. Or perhaps you have managed to get some benefit from the above and are changing the way you think. You want to get rid of depressing moods for ever. You want to feel positive all the time. You want to get out and get the all good things in life like Love, Peace Of Mind and Happiness instead of sitting at home sucking anti-depressant tablets. Perhaps you would like to join our community of Happy People?
Who are The Happy People?
The Happy People are people just like yourself who have experienced the depressing side of life. They decided that they didn’t like doing depression and were going to have a happier life. They follow my blog  at . It costs nothing and you will got lots of advice, the latest psychological findings and plenty of support on how to end the old miserable lifestyle. You will learn how to replace it with a lifestyle of enjoyment, positive feelings and, of great importance, better health.
How Does Being Happy Make You Healthier?
When you are depressed your immune system is weak and you are more likely to become ill. When you are spending all your time looking for positive, happy, upbeat events to do, your immune system is powerful. It will fight off illness.
If you do become one of The Happy People you will be wanting to feel good and healthy all day, every day so  you want a steady supply of endorphins and serotonin. So start your exercising and start squirting those substances round your circulation system. You want to feel confidence, motivation and personal power rushing through your body.  Not depression!
How To Be Even Happier
Now that you have started exercising, you may find that you are getting the exercise bug. You’re finding that you are feeling better and perhaps you are wanting more of that good feeling. You can do this in several ways.
The study was concerned with the effects of gardening done for a period of 20 minutes. This is an extremely mild form activity, perhaps it would be more correctly called movement. It is also a very short time span. This was done deliberately so it wouldn’t put people off. Not many people like the idea of exercising.  And the neuroscientists wanted to establish minimum levels for a baseline..
But what if you have started your mild, short exercising and now want to increase the benefits that you are feeling? Well you can increase the good feelings by stepping up the work load. You can either  exercise harder or stay at it longer.
This must be done carefully and steadily. If you are not used to exercising, it is always best to ask your doctor first. You mustn’t go from pottering around in the garden to trying to run a half marathon. Nice and steady does it. At the beginning, anyhow!
I had one student who started off running about a hundred yards and then walking a hundred yards. He now has run many, many marathons. The changes in his life were remarkable. He completely changed over to a healthy lifestyle. He used to drink a bottle of whisky a day and chain smoke. Now he doesn’t use alcohol or tobacco! He goes for long runs every day instead. AND, what is more relevant in this article, he is on a permanent high!
I have written about the effects of exercise on depressed people. But let me add more advice to this article.  Perhaps you have read all this and are already exercising.   BUT, if you already feel good then exercise will make that feeling  even stronger. This fact is used all the time by The Happy People to increase their happiness factor.  One of the bad affects of depression is that depressed people get more depressed because they fear that their mood will never lift. When you start your exercising you get an upbeat feeling that you have started to do something about your depression. This is the start of feeling better.
And that feeling will get better and better.
Depression And Happiness Plan
Let me sum all this up in a few words.  If you start doing gardening for 20 minutes regularly, it will help you defeat depression.
If you really want to get good results, I’d forget the gardening and look for something more strenuous.
I could go on for ages writing about moving from unfitness to fitness, but here is the safest way to do it. Join a reputable gym. They have lots of different ways of moving slowly and safely ahead. They have perfectly suited machines for starting easy and making good progress. Rowing machines, stationary bikes, running machines and swimming pools. You will find some way of training that will suit you. AND, more important, trainers who will advise you.  (Here is I was wondering why over the last few years the number of people going to our gym had increased.. Obviously they have discovered that a good way to stop your head aching is to get your muscles aching. lol Follow the ir example!)
Get with it! Start exercising! Be one of The Happy People!

More soon Love, Peace and Happiness,


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