The Right Meditation Brings Love, Peace, Happiness!


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Are You Being Misled About Meditation?
Many of you believe that you are meditating. But you’re not. Closing your eyes and thinking about something nice is not Meditation. You must be getting a result. That result must show itself in a real way. You mustn’t be saying: “I FEEL nicer since I started doing it. ”
Real meditation must cause real, noticeable changes in your attitude, thoughts and behaviour.
You know that you are doing GOOD meditation when OTHER PEOPLE start telling you that you have changed.
THAT is the sort of change you need, that you want and that you will get when you have a good teacher.
You don’t want lots of NICE feelings.
You want lots of love of every kind, bubbling, good mental health and loads and loads of happiness.
If a teacher tells you to close your eyes and think about or visualise or imagine or remember something you are not meditating. Proper meditating is not thinking about or visualising or imagining or remembering anything. It goes far beyond that.
The Problem With Poor Meditation
The guidelines that I have given above all take time to show themselves. There is nothing that I can do about that apart from telling you to be aware and not be misled. Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing bad about closing your eyes and thinking about or visualising or imagining or remembering nice things. It is, let’s face it, nice.
But if you want all the good things that the Neuroscientists, Doctors and Psychologists are proving that meditation will give you, then that type of meditation is not powerful enough.
How Do I Find Out About Genuine Meditation
Google Zen,  or The Ten Ox-Herding Paintings AND buy a copy of  Zen Flesh, Zen Bones (the ONLY book that I recommend).
More Good Benefits Of Genuine Meditation
With good meditation, you will pass through several stages of consciousness. As you do so  you can teach yourself to become aware of these different stages of self development. These are merely side effects. But they are very powerful side effects that you will want, enjoy and benefit from in your life Warning
These side effects will be things that you will want to have.
They are only side effects!
You must concentrate every bit of your physical, mental and psychic energy on your main desire.
Your only target to focus on is achieving personal enlightenment. Meditation is the only true path and self-enlightenment is your destination.
Here are the things that you will experience and that will show you that you are on the right path:
Neuroscientists say a part of the brain, known as the default mode network, is involved in states of anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and Alzheimers disease. They are now looking at how  meditation  gives you more control over that brain network. This control may be used for the prevention and treatment of these illnesses. The findings so far show that meditation can play a big part in keeping these illnesses at bay.  The message is very clear. If you wish reduce the effect of these  mental problems you should start meditating. Start to meditate now for better mental health in the future.
An Increase Of Love, Peace and Happiness In Your Life
This is the stage where you start producing large amounts of the hormone Oxytocin. This is the bonding hormone that is produced when  you are being breast fed by your mother. It causes a deep and loving bond between the two of you. This hormone is also produced in later life when you interact, learn to trust or fall in love with other people. As you go into meditation you can learn to spot and work with this feeling of loving other people. Masters of meditation show immense personal charisma which comes across as being friendly, caring and being a person you can trust. These are signs of the hormones that are produced at this level
This is a very important area to work in. Love, Peace and Happiness are the spices that give life all of it’s flavour. Without them, life tastes very flat. If they are missing in your life you will feel sad, depressed and miserable.
There is a song that says: “Love makes the world go around.” And it’s a great description.
Without an act of love between your parents, you wouldn’t even be here.  It’s true isn’t it? Let’s see you deny it. Very few of you even think about it . The most important thing in your life was the act of love that created you. And you weren’t even there! LOL.
Any children that you have will be a result of acts of love. And you must learn how to channel love to them. Totally and endlessly. And love must carry on being one of the most important thing in the rest of your life. It doesn’t matter if that love is sexual, friendship or family based.  What does matter is that it must never stop flowing. I’m not being soppy here. A lot of the love you send out will be wasted. It will not be returned, so do not start to look for what you get back.
Let’s take a look at jogging. Joggers do not want t0 get somewhere. What they jog for is the pure, physical joy that they get from doing it. And, of course, the great feelings of mental and physical well-being that they feel in-between jogging sessions.
Look at love in the same way.  It will fill your life with good feelings, good health and great happiness. So keep pouring it out. What you, yourself receive from doing it will be more powerful than how other people act or re-act.
Psychic Powers
Meditation can also be used to develop psychic powers. You can predict the future, read peoples’ auras, experience all the different out of body experiences such as remote viewing, astral travel  etc and explore previous lives. This last one is very useful to explain problems that you are having in this lifetime.
After you become an experienced meditator, you will notice that after you finish a session that you are in a state of euphoria or happiness. The strength of this feeling is can vary from just feeling  good all the way up to feeling really bubbly and ready to start laughing at the first excuse. This can be very helpful when you have something unpleasant to do. I set my mind on the problem, tell myself that I am going to sort my attitude out about it, meditate on the euphoric level and then, when I finish the session, I have a tremendous surge of enthusiasm, confidence and energy. I can then handle the problem with ease. Doing this particular exercise has an added bonus. You are building your confidence that you can handle ANY problem, bad event or setback with  ease!
Control Over Your Karma
But the best thing that you can use it for is to break a chain of bad Karma. You may be suffering from bad Karma in this lifetime. Perhaps  you are suffering from depression, hopelessness and failure. This means that in your next life you will be even worse off. You will be reborn at an even lower level If you don’t change your Karma. You can, however,  use the correct meditation to change your Karma. If you do your next life will be at a higher level. Your next life will be happier, more successful and more rewarding. You can also use the correct meditation to look at your past lives to find out why you are having so many problems in this one.
They don’t call our gang The Happy People for nothing! Love, Peace  and Happiness are our three rules  for the good life and we believe in living by them.Why not become one of us. It’s FREE.  LOL!

Love,Peace and Happiness,  Tommy

Love Love Love

Love Love Love (Photo credit: Gregory Jordan)

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