How Karmic Meditation Brings True Happiness!

Meditating in Madison Square Park, Manhattan, ...

Meditating in Madison Square Park, Manhattan, New York City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bad Karma (1991 film)

Bad Karma (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Why You Need  Karmic Meditation?
Do you want a low level, depressing disappointing life-style? Of course you don’t!
Do you want all of life’s goodies? Lots of love, self-confidence, happiness and enough wealth to lead the sort of life that you want? Of course you do! Everybody does!
So what holds you back?
Why are so many of you disappointed with the way life is treating you?
Well, lots of things can hold you back. Things like:
Karmic Action And It’s Good Or Bad Effects
Well, the MAIN problem is YOU. Your major problem is that you do not fully understand the Law of Karma, how important it is in  your present life and how it effects all your future re-incarnations.
There are also problems with your self confidence, your way of thinking and what you do or don’t do.  There are many other reasons but these are probably the ones for most people.
Karma, your self confidence, your way of thinking and your actions will work together to give you the sort of life that you are getting right now. Now that is fine, if the sort of life that you are getting right now is the sort of life that you really want. But if the sort of life that you are getting right now is not exactly the sort of life that you want, then you must make changes. YOU must make changes in you.
Nobody else can make the changes. You must do it. You must make those changes in YOURself. In your confidence, your way of thinking and what you do or don’t do!
You can see the sense there can’t you?

If you carry on doing the exact same things that you have always done, you will keep on getting exactly the same sort of life that you you are having now.
If you want your life to change, then you must change the things that you do.

What Can Meditation Do?
Meditation provides many almost magical methods for changing your life. You can use it to build up your Good Karma and, at the same time, cut down on anxiety, unhappiness and depression. This will make your life happier.You can use it to turn your life completely around, you can use it to get the things you want and you can use it to put power into any self-improvement targets that you are working on. Personal programmes such as weight loss, building intimate relationships or getting wealthy can all be helped by using it  It will help you set up, stick at and achieve the targets that you want up for yourself.
Other Benefits You Will Get
While you may be using meditation for any of the above or even other purposes, I would like to point out something else of great benefit to you. While you are meditating, and it doesn’t matter why you are doing it, you get side effects. Here are three of the most important, most beneficial and most powerful side effects:
1)The Best Side Effect
 As you meditate, you produce a small but steady flow of hormones  that make you feel good. I make use of this effect. If ever I feel problems building up, I increase my mediTation (please note, meditaTion, not mediCation  lol).  This increases my flow of the ‘happy’ hormones. The ‘happy’ hormones enable me to always be on top of things, to always feel good and always act positively. This is a good way of dealing with bouts of self doubt, anxiety or depression. It is a fantastic skill for you to work on. If you keep working on it, it becomes easy to use and more powerful. This skill plus regular meditation will keep you moving forward. It will allow you to by-pass any problems or set-backs on your way to the plans that you have for your life.
The way to build up this skill is to become aware of any signs of a happy feeling caused by your meditation. Perhaps it may only be very slight at first, but it can often be quite strong and easy to notice. When you notice it concentrate on where you feel it it and how it feels. Amplify and allow it to spread. At present this may sound difficult. Let me tell you that once you get into your meditating, you will quickly notice this feeling. And you will easily amplify it and be able to let it spread.
2)Keep Your Karma Working For You
When you are meditating and producing these ‘happy’ hormones you are living in tune with the Laws of Nature, you are in tune with the Cosmos and you act in harmony with the people around you. This will build a strong flow of good Karma. This will enable you to be even more on top of things, to feel even better and act even positively. This is a positive loop. To always be on top of things, to always feel good and always act positively produces good Karma. Good Karma produces even more of those good things in your attitude to your life. Around and  around they go, feeding each other. And growing ever stronger. And the opposite is true. When you are depressed about thing, anxious or miserable about things, you are producing toxic chemicals in your bloodstream. You are building Bad Karma for  you for your future. You are making sure that you will have even more anxiety, sadness and depression. The Law Of Attraction says that what you focus on will come to you. So stop focusing on negative, harmful things.You could be building up a chain of Bad Karma that will ruin your life. Not only your life now, not only your lie in the immediate future but also your next life. And, possibly your next couple of lives. Start meditating and focus on the positive effects that it produces in you. Effects like Love, Peace and Happiness. These will have an effect on your life right now, in your immediate immediate future. And, if you keep doing it, your next couple of lives.
3) Your Luck Will Change!
As 1) and 2)are taking place in your life, you will notice something else. Your luck will start to change. You will notice lots of lucky things begin to happen. Good things start appear in your life. This is the good Karma starting to work for you. The good Karmic vibrations, that you are causing, are building up and coming back to you. You are becoming one of The Happy People. Why not click on the Facebook sign below and share this article with a friend? We have our own Facebook page at:   Please join and post something there.

Love, Peace and Happiness, Tommy

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