How To Have Hormone Happiness with Oxytocin!

Be happy all the time just like a child What Makes Happy Relationships?
Why are some people nice to know and  others are not?
How come you could trust some people with your life while others always let you down?
How come some people will give you anything and others will steal your last penny?
Neuroscientists  are looking for the answers in the type and amount of certain chemicals in your blood.
Particularly the ones that make you feel better and act better.
They get large numbers of volunteers to do things that make them feel good and to do charitable things for other people. Then they take a blood sample and examine it for certain chemicals.
Oxytocin Is One Of The Happiness Ones
Oxytocin is produced in the hypothalamus part of the brain.  It is at it’s highest levels when  when you’re sexually aroused, and at lower levels when you trust somebody and when you know that they trust you. It also triggers the release of breast milk in women. You first encounter it when you are being breast fed by your mother and it is responsible for the powerful bonding between your mother and you.
For a long time scientists have been studying this hormone and they have found that it plays a big part in good social relationships. They have also done research that showed that if you blocked it in voles, who are noted for being monogamous, they became promiscuous. And ewes, that are usually excellent mothers, neglect their new born lambs. Obviously this important hormone is a vital part of bonding in people and animals.
Here Is The Good News
This happy hormone is not at full power all the time. But you can learn ways to increase the flow.   That doesn’t happen easily,
They have shown that you can control the amount of it in your blood by Mobile  Texting, Facebook updates, Twittering, hugging, dancing, doing things you enjoy and making love. It increases when you learn how to trust, co-operate with and feel empathy with the people all around you.
How Do I Get Started Getting Happy?
Make a note of the things mentioned above. Then you must find out things that you enjoy. Make a lit of things that will turn you on and get your Oxtocin pumping. Make them into habits. Keep adding to the list. More people, more habits. Go mad LOL. Your brain likes you to do things that make you happy and hates you to stop doing them. So, as soon as you start following this advice, you will notice massive changes in your life.
So start doing them NOW!
Why should I start doing them now?
Now you and I both know that this isn’t always possible. Bad things happen. But you must build up these powerful tools that will help you to defeat all of life’s setbacks. Defeat them and get back on the Happiness Track as quickly as possible.
You could also just become one of The Happy People. It’s both FREE and EASY.
LOve, Wealth and Happiness,


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