Do YOUR Friends Depress YOU??????

How to treat PROBLEM FRIENDS!!!!!
For the friend who only brings misery, and refuses to be soothed, you have a couple of choices: The first is to be the model of a good friend. Be upfront and honest with your friend and tell her or him that they are bringing you down and taking the joy out of your friendship. If your words are ineffective and the complaining continues, you may have to make a tough decision. If you’re at the point where being alone is preferable to this friend’s company, you can disengage from the friendship. Be busy when the friend calls, be unavailable for future plans, and when interaction is unavoidable, listen politely as long as circumstances dictate, and make a get-away as diplomatically as possible. You probably don’t want to provide any additional material for your friend’s next rendition of the “bad life blues.”
Friends tolerate an awful lot from one another, but there are some rules for which consequences must be enforced. Don’t let a friend suck the joy out of your life just because that’s how they add satisfaction to their own.
The Happiness Guru.

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