Do You Want More Love, Happiness And Wealth? Group forming based on The Law Of Attraction, Abundant Wealth Attitude, Positive Thinking, Meditation, NLP, Happiness.etc.This is the place to be.

We also have a Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Karma/200040216673445 Pay us a visit.

There is a difference between this WordPress blog and the Facebook site. The WordPress blog has a large archive of articles on the above subjects. It is meant to be used for study and learning. Think of it as a course on how to get what you want out of life

The Facebook page is more light hearted. It is more of a magazine than a study book. It is, of course, about all the above subjects.

The Facebook page is to get people on track first thing in the morning and to get them back on track after a bad day.You can meet people who are intrerested in the things you like. I want YOU to post on it. Post funny stuff, jokes, real life experiences, photos,cartoons, video clips, good articles etc.Share them on here. Anything as long as it is about the above items. Most of  my WordPress blog posts will be on there and you can comment, criticise and discuss them on FB

REMEMBER. The Law Of Attraction, Abundant Wealth Attitude and Karma are all based on the principle that what you give you get back.so get started giving. Join our community and collect some good Karma. If you’re not a writer, SHARE stuff! But do it!

Visit  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Karma/200040216673445 Now

Love, Peace and Happiness,  Tommy



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