Why Not Try MEDITATION For A Bigger Better Brain!


Meditation (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

More Meditation will give you the power move mountains mentally. Do you want a super charged brain? A more powerful brain? A brain operating at higher levels?  Meditation will do that for you. Trust me. The scientist have found evidence to show this..  It will give you into a more positive, happier, enjoyable life.
How  will it do that?  Well,when you start meditating, the actual grey matter in a part of you brain called the hippocampus will grow thicker and bigger. As a result of this:
1) Your can deal with stress and its dreadful effects with greater ease.
2) Your ability to do creative thinking will grow.
3) You will learn new stuff more easily
4) Your memory will be stronger.

Experts on brain scanning at Massachusetts, U.S.A General Hospital say:

“You can actually change the brain and this will add increased power to your thinking, your well being and your quality of life.”
 How can YOU get these gifts?
From meditating every day!
I have always known this. But it’s good to see the scientists PROVING that what I’ve  taught to people for 35 years (i.e meditating is the most beneficial, powerful and life changing thing you can possibly do.
Why not try it? You may end up running the country.
And probablydo a better job than the mugs doing it now. LOL

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Love, Peace and Happiness, Tommy.


Get Happiness? Stop Daydreaming!

English: Robert Dilts (born 1955) has been a d...

English: Robert Dilts (born 1955) has been a developer, author, trainer and consultant in the field of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) since its creation in 1975 by John Grinder and Richard Bandler. Français : Robert Dilts (né en 1955) est développeur, auteur, formateur et consultant en Programmation Neuro-Linguistique (PNL) depuis sa création en 1975 par John Grinder et Richard Bandler. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Meditating in Madison Square Park, Manhattan, ...

Meditation in Madison Square Park, Manhattan, New York City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What’s Stopping You?
Everybody wants to be Happy. Here is an excellent article about Happiness. It points out things that cause unhappy thoughts and feelings. It  covers the causes but it doesn’t tell you how to put things right. On this blog The Happy People work on how to prevent unhappiness and how to build Happiness in your life. To do this we use use Behaviour Modification, the latest Neuroscience research and Neuro Linguistic Programming. That is a bit of a mouthful, isn’t it? But don’t be put off. We also use Meditation.
Meditation is one of the simplest and easiest and most powerful tools you can use to get rid of unhappy feelings and replace them with Happiness.
Who Leads The Happy People?
I have been Meditating for more than 40 years. I officially registered Liverpool’s first Meditation Church 30 years ago, so I know how Meditation can lead you to a happier life. I am also a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming.
So What Is Stopping Me Being Happy?
I have put some excerpts from the article below in italics. Make sure that you read the full article. There is a link to it at the bottom of the article.
One of the problems of building up a Happy lifestyle is that you (and everybody else) has great difficulty in focussing on what you want and staying focussed. Meditation is perfect for this and the other tools I mentioned above work with it perfectly.
This article was written by two top men men from Harvard University in America. The research done was wide and well conducted.

People spend 46.9 percent of their waking hours thinking about something other than what they’re doing, and this mind-wandering typically makes them unhappy………..
“A human mind is a wandering mind, and a wandering mind is an unhappy mind,” Killingsworth and Gilbert write.
Unlike other animals, humans spend a lot of time thinking about what isn’t going on around them: contemplating events that happened in the past, might happen in the future, or may never happen at all. Indeed, mind-wandering appears to be the human brain’s default mode of operation.

Me: As I said above, one of the methods that the Happy People use to build Happiness is Meditation. We have other ways that do not use Meditation but Meditation is so easy to learn and do. The type we do is non religious. It empties your mind and allows it to stop thinking and, as this research shows, thinking can make you unhappy. Our meditation teaches you how to focus on what you are doing which brings you a positive feeling and after a Meditation session you are left with a positive, happy feeling. (As well as Meditation we also learn the psychology of Happiness and the physical behaviours that also lead to it.)
Here are more points that are mentioned in the article.

respondents reported that their minds were wandering 46.9 percent of time, and no less than 30 percent of the time during every activity except making love.

Me: Stop thinking negative thoughts, make love instead. LOL

Killingsworth and Gilbert, a professor of psychology at Harvard, found that people were happiest when making love, exercising, or engaging in conversation. They were least happy when resting, working, or using a home computer.

Me; So there you have it. The perfect life plan. Start NOW! Go to the gym. Make love. Chat to people.
Don’t lie in bed (thinking?), don’t work and don’t use home computers (?????YIKES!) LOL

whereas a person’s mind-wandering status accounted for about 10.8 percent of his or her happiness………….

“Many philosophical and religious traditions teach that happiness is to be found by living in the moment, and practitioners are trained to resist mind wandering and to ‘be here now,’” Killingsworth and Gilbert note in Science. “These traditions suggest that a wandering mind is an unhappy mind.” 

Me: Please note that The Happy People are not a philosophical or religious group. The Meditation goes above that to a higher level.

Killingsworth and Gilbert’s 2,250 subjects in this study ranged in age from 18 to 88, representing a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds and occupations. Seventy-four percent of study participants were American.

So why not join The Happy People, it is FREE and will lead to more Happiness in your life. As soon as you start you will see the improvements that you want in your life!
My next blog will also cover this area of how YOU stop Happiness happening in Your life and how to defeat this negative part of your behaviour.

Love, Peace and Happiness,

Here is the link:-

via Wandering mind not a happy mind | Harvard Gazette.

Eight Lessons In Happiness!

An emoticon with a smile. For more emoticons i...

Happiness with a smile. For more emoticons in Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:Emoticons. 32px|alt=W3C|link=http://validator.w3.org/✓ The source code of this SVG is valid. Category:Valid SVG (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

{love and happiness}

{love and happiness} (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To All Who Are Interested In Happiness And All The HAPPY PEOPLE
(Readers who live in Merseyside, UK, please note Post Script at end of post) I haven’t been posting many Happiness blogs lately. This is because I have been spending a lot of time learning about how to do the computer side of things.
One thing you will notice is that I now have Archives that are easy to browse. I had seen in the bog statistics that a lot of visitors to the site were interested in back posts.  Previously, if you wanted to look for blog posts that you are interested in the Archives all you would see was the name of a month, the year and how many posts like this “Jan, 2011, 3 posts”. A lot of people were reading the Archives and this was ridiculously hard for them and took a long time. So I had a go at making it easier.
1) Now you have a choice of sections to look in at the top right hand corner
2) There is a search box for categories lower down where you can click on ‘Categories’ and get a drop down menu to choose articles from.
3) A section of recent posts
4) A section of the top most popular posts.
5) Near the bottom of the main post there is a list of related posts.
It took a lot of time to sort these functions out but I’m sure that these additions will allow people to look for the type of article that they want to read with great ease.
Now I start doing more posts about Happiness, Meditation and Love for you  to read study and use.I hope that you enjoy these new functions and can enjoy browsing the blog site including the Archives.

Eight Happiness Lessons
Here is a list of eight Happiness lessons that you can use in your everyday life:-

1) The top level of Happiness is to Love and be Loved. You must love everybody. A lot of people think that they can’t do that. They are right. You can’t just do it right away. You must work to a plan. First concentrate on those who are near and dear to you already. Then enlarge your circle of Happiness to include other people. If somebody lets you down, cut them off your list. You can always come back to them when your power of Love is even stronger.
2) If you do cut somebody off, they must not be aware of it. Treat them with respect. Do not fall out with them. Then, if you do try them again, you will be in a good place to start and win them over.
3) Happiness starts in your home. If it doesn’t, get working on it now! When you have  got this sorted, every time your feet hit the street, you will be taking a pocketful of it out with you!
4) Never let a petty row hurt a happy relationship. Be the first to apologise. If you can’t admit that you were wrong, use NLP, change the subject. Don’t discus the actual problem. Keep repeating how wrong you were to get upset, to get angry, to say that. Keep repeating that.
5) Again! Be the first to apologise.
6) Spend some time alone every day. Meditate if you know how. ( Do a search in the categories box on the blog)
7) The past is the past. If you can’t rectify it, don’t think about it, don’t talk about it and don’t cast it up.
8) If you keep doing happy things and building Happiness into your life you will be Happy. If you don’t understand or don’t know how
P.S  If you live in Merseyside, UK and are good on computers or blogging please let me know. Or if you live here and are interested in what I write about. I live in Liverpool, Merseyside, UK and am trying to get study groups with activities and events going. Again, please contact me.
More soon, Tommy

Depression? Bad Health? Try Meditation!

Feel Depressed? Stressed Out? Meditation Helps!


Meditation (Photo credit: atsukosmith)

Meditation (Photo credit: atsukosmith)

Infected ingrown toenail showing the character...

Infected ingrown toenail showing the characteristic redness and swelling associated with acute inflammation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Infected ingrown toenail showing the characteristic redness and swelling associated with acute inflammation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Meditation! Good For Better HealthAND Depression!

Loneliness...Loneliness… (Photo credit: WolfS♡ul)

Science is continually looking for ways to improve the quality of our live. What has become increasingly obvious to them is that an unbelievable number of people report suffering from depression. And what is more worrying, the number is increasing every year at an alarming rate. When they looked at this problem, they found that a lot of this depression was caused when people reported feeling loneliness. This was caused by many factors including bereavement, not having a partner or family, being housebound through physical disability or fear of  street crime, financial drawbacks etc. These problems are out of control amongst the elderly. The standards of mental and emotional health among the elderly are inhuman. This is made worse by the number of people living longer. I won’t say enjoying old age because so many of them are not.
So What’s The Good News? 
New research shows that meditation training lasting eight weeks reduced feelings of loneliness in people. They started off knowing that people who reported feeling lonely showed an increase in the number of  inflammation problems they were having. These inflammation problems were causing a variety of diseases. The researchers found that meditation greatly reduced these inflammation problems and helped to clear up the illnesses that they were causing. In the current online edition of the journal Brain, Behavior and Immunity, senior study author Steve Cole, a UCLA professor of medicine and psychiatry and a member of the Norman Cousins Center for Psychoneuroimmunology at UCLA, and colleagues report that the two-month program of  meditation greatly reduced the feelings of loneliness. This report also showed that the people involved showed a marked improvement in the amount of inflammation and the illnesses associated with it.
What Causes Inflammation?
Inflammation is a natural part of the immune system and is used to fight a wide variety of health problems, from infections like flu and gum disease to impact injuries like broken bones. It plays a very important part in the pathology of many diseases and psychological disorders. This research is the first evidence showing that meditation not only decreases loneliness also reduces inflammation and helps to clear up the problems causing the inflammation. If this is borne out by further research, meditation could become a powerful  way to improve the quality of life for many, many people with the long lasting health problems that involve inflammation.In the study, 40 adults were randomly placed in a meditation group or a control group that did not meditate. They were all the participants were rated at the beginning and the end of the study using an established loneliness scale. Blood samples were also collected at the beginning and end of the research. These meditators reported that they no longer felt so lonely and what was more amazing was that their blood tests showed a big reduction in signs of  inflammation.
Will You Find Meditation Hard?
It is the easiest thing in the world once you get started.  This group went to 8 weekly two-hour meetings in which they learned how to meditate. They also practised meditation for 30 minutes each day at home and attended a single daylong retreat.How hard is that. You do do not need to any kind of retreat. This was only required for the sake of this research.
How Good Are These Results?
Excellent! This study is only only the tip of the iceberg. It is just one of a massive amount of research that is showing more and more positive benefits of meditation. Just last month, Dr. Helen Lavretsky, a UCLA professor of psychiatry and a Cousins Center member, published a study showing that a form of  meditation reduced inflammatory problems, as well as stress levels, among individuals who care patients with Alzheimer’s disease.( Please note this was about the carers not the Alzheimer’s disease patients. There is a growing awareness of the long term psychological problems of long term carers. And a lot of work is being done in this area.) The above shows some of the many, many benefits that come from this practise. I know a lot of you readers already meditate. (I hope that it is the right sort of meditation.) If you don’t, start NOW! Why not join The Happy People? We’re BIG on meditation, And it’s FREE! More SOON, Love, Wealth and Happiness, Tommy

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How To Have Hormone Happiness with Oxytocin!

Be happy all the time just like a child What Makes Happy Relationships?
Why are some people nice to know and  others are not?
How come you could trust some people with your life while others always let you down?
How come some people will give you anything and others will steal your last penny?
Neuroscientists  are looking for the answers in the type and amount of certain chemicals in your blood.
Particularly the ones that make you feel better and act better.
They get large numbers of volunteers to do things that make them feel good and to do charitable things for other people. Then they take a blood sample and examine it for certain chemicals.
Oxytocin Is One Of The Happiness Ones
Oxytocin is produced in the hypothalamus part of the brain.  It is at it’s highest levels when  when you’re sexually aroused, and at lower levels when you trust somebody and when you know that they trust you. It also triggers the release of breast milk in women. You first encounter it when you are being breast fed by your mother and it is responsible for the powerful bonding between your mother and you.
For a long time scientists have been studying this hormone and they have found that it plays a big part in good social relationships. They have also done research that showed that if you blocked it in voles, who are noted for being monogamous, they became promiscuous. And ewes, that are usually excellent mothers, neglect their new born lambs. Obviously this important hormone is a vital part of bonding in people and animals.
Here Is The Good News
This happy hormone is not at full power all the time. But you can learn ways to increase the flow.   That doesn’t happen easily,
They have shown that you can control the amount of it in your blood by Mobile  Texting, Facebook updates, Twittering, hugging, dancing, doing things you enjoy and making love. It increases when you learn how to trust, co-operate with and feel empathy with the people all around you.
How Do I Get Started Getting Happy?
Make a note of the things mentioned above. Then you must find out things that you enjoy. Make a lit of things that will turn you on and get your Oxtocin pumping. Make them into habits. Keep adding to the list. More people, more habits. Go mad LOL. Your brain likes you to do things that make you happy and hates you to stop doing them. So, as soon as you start following this advice, you will notice massive changes in your life.
So start doing them NOW!
Why should I start doing them now?
Now you and I both know that this isn’t always possible. Bad things happen. But you must build up these powerful tools that will help you to defeat all of life’s setbacks. Defeat them and get back on the Happiness Track as quickly as possible.
You could also just become one of The Happy People. It’s both FREE and EASY.
LOve, Wealth and Happiness,

How Happiness And Exercise Defeats Depression!

Clinical Depression

Don’t suffer with Depression (Photo credit: Alaina Abplanalp Photography)

English: Exercising outdoors is healthier than...

Perfect Anti-depressant : Exercising outdoors is healthier than working out indoors. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

endorphins | day 85

End Depression?

When you’re downbeat, unhappy or  depressed, you think that the feeling is NEVER going to end! Depression is a terrible affliction. It can completely destroy your life. It is probably the biggest underlying cause in suicides. And the worst fact is that the number of people suffering from it is growing every day.

What Can You Do About It?

Well here is a way that you can end it in 20 MINUTES! Yes just 20 minutes! That is how long the University College London has discovered it takes. They found that 20 minutes  of exercise (they were studying the benefits of gardening) can effect depression. The exercise involved in gardening made people feel more upbeat and reduced their feeling of mental distress.

How Does It Stop Depression?
It stops depression by making your neurotransmitters produce endorphin. This calms the brain and this helps with th

e production serotonin. Serotonin is the feel good brain chemical. The serotonin gives you a happy feeling that enables you to get back on track. As the gloom  lifts, you can start getting your life back together. And this is what you want! Twenty minutes is all it takes. Don’t forget they were studying gardening NOT strenuous exercise. But you don’t have to start gardening. You may have absolutely no interest in gardening. If that is the case then walking will have the same effect on your mood. And it is free and easy to do. Just open your front door and start moving forward. If it’s sunny, walk on the sunny side of the street. This level of activity or mild exercise will work for you. Your mood will change. Your depression will lift. There is no doubt about that. As you do this regularly, you will notice the increase in the effect. As this happens you may feel that you need to build up the effect even more. If so, start looking for a few hills to include in your walk. Or walk faster. If you are gardening, increase the amount of time you spend doing it.
How To Use This
That will look after the needs of most people who have low moods at times. But what if your moods are strongly downbeat or you are having them too often and can’t get out of them. Or perhaps you have managed to get some benefit from the above and are changing the way you think. You want to get rid of depressing moods for ever. You want to feel positive all the time. You want to get out and get the all good things in life like Love, Peace Of Mind and Happiness instead of sitting at home sucking anti-depressant tablets. Perhaps you would like to join our community of Happy People?
Who are The Happy People?
The Happy People are people just like yourself who have experienced the depressing side of life. They decided that they didn’t like doing depression and were going to have a happier life. They follow my blog  at https://happinessguru.wordpress.com . It costs nothing and you will got lots of advice, the latest psychological findings and plenty of support on how to end the old miserable lifestyle. You will learn how to replace it with a lifestyle of enjoyment, positive feelings and, of great importance, better health.
How Does Being Happy Make You Healthier?
When you are depressed your immune system is weak and you are more likely to become ill. When you are spending all your time looking for positive, happy, upbeat events to do, your immune system is powerful. It will fight off illness.
If you do become one of The Happy People you will be wanting to feel good and healthy all day, every day so  you want a steady supply of endorphins and serotonin. So start your exercising and start squirting those substances round your circulation system. You want to feel confidence, motivation and personal power rushing through your body.  Not depression!
How To Be Even Happier
Now that you have started exercising, you may find that you are getting the exercise bug. You’re finding that you are feeling better and perhaps you are wanting more of that good feeling. You can do this in several ways.
The study was concerned with the effects of gardening done for a period of 20 minutes. This is an extremely mild form activity, perhaps it would be more correctly called movement. It is also a very short time span. This was done deliberately so it wouldn’t put people off. Not many people like the idea of exercising.  And the neuroscientists wanted to establish minimum levels for a baseline..
But what if you have started your mild, short exercising and now want to increase the benefits that you are feeling? Well you can increase the good feelings by stepping up the work load. You can either  exercise harder or stay at it longer.
This must be done carefully and steadily. If you are not used to exercising, it is always best to ask your doctor first. You mustn’t go from pottering around in the garden to trying to run a half marathon. Nice and steady does it. At the beginning, anyhow!
I had one student who started off running about a hundred yards and then walking a hundred yards. He now has run many, many marathons. The changes in his life were remarkable. He completely changed over to a healthy lifestyle. He used to drink a bottle of whisky a day and chain smoke. Now he doesn’t use alcohol or tobacco! He goes for long runs every day instead. AND, what is more relevant in this article, he is on a permanent high!
I have written about the effects of exercise on depressed people. But let me add more advice to this article.  Perhaps you have read all this and are already exercising.   BUT, if you already feel good then exercise will make that feeling  even stronger. This fact is used all the time by The Happy People to increase their happiness factor.  One of the bad affects of depression is that depressed people get more depressed because they fear that their mood will never lift. When you start your exercising you get an upbeat feeling that you have started to do something about your depression. This is the start of feeling better.
And that feeling will get better and better.
Depression And Happiness Plan
Let me sum all this up in a few words.  If you start doing gardening for 20 minutes regularly, it will help you defeat depression.
If you really want to get good results, I’d forget the gardening and look for something more strenuous.
I could go on for ages writing about moving from unfitness to fitness, but here is the safest way to do it. Join a reputable gym. They have lots of different ways of moving slowly and safely ahead. They have perfectly suited machines for starting easy and making good progress. Rowing machines, stationary bikes, running machines and swimming pools. You will find some way of training that will suit you. AND, more important, trainers who will advise you.  (Here is I was wondering why over the last few years the number of people going to our gym had increased.. Obviously they have discovered that a good way to stop your head aching is to get your muscles aching. lol Follow the ir example!)
Get with it! Start exercising! Be one of The Happy People!

More soon Love, Peace and Happiness,

Can You Buy Happiness?

Elizabeth Dunn - PopTech 2010 - Camden, Maine

Elizabeth Dunn – PopTech 2010 – Camden, Maine (Photo credit: poptech)

I have just read a great article by Elizabeth Dunn, an associate professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia, and Michael Norton, an associate professor of business administration at Harvard Business School,
Some of you may have read about this stuff before. I have written quite a bit of it  here on this blog.But lots of this article is new and lots of the older stuff has been updated and given a fresh, clear explanation.
BUT what makes this article so good is the writing! It is brilliant. It explains everything in language that is so easy to read, and more important, so EEEZZZ to understand. I’m looking forward to reading their book.
Here are some excerpts and comments. The excerpts are in inverted commas (“………….”)

“HOW much money do you need to be happy? Think about it. What’s your number? ………Is it crazy to question how much money you need to be happy? The notion that money can’t buy happiness has been around a long time — ”

An important question that has bothered some of the biggest brains in the world. The article goes on to explore the ground expertly and offer answers.

“….. but in the United States, it seems to fall somewhere around $75,000. Using Gallup data collected from almost half a million Americans,…….”

In the UK, this would be roughly about 1,000 pounds a week. But the savage UK taxation would  mean that a UK  reader would need about 1,200 pounds a week. A very good wage indeed. One most workers could only dream about.
This article makes me wonder about the situation in the UK. A lot of people here realise  that going to work will not make them any better off (and happier) so they live on State Benefits and use every trick in the book to avoid the Government’s attempts to get them to work.

“What we do with the money plays a far more important role than how much money we make.”

Lots of good detail here on how to spend money to buy happiness.

“In a recent study conducted by our student Jordi Quoidbach, chocolate lovers ate a piece of this confection”

Here is a study done by the writers that I’ve not heard of before.

“When we follow up with people who receive cash from us, those whom we told to spend on others report greater happiness than those told to spend on themselves.”

More new stuff.,

Love, Wealth and Happiness,

Read the article at http://www.nytimes.com/2012/07/08/opinion/sunday/dont-indulge-be-happy.html?smid=pl-share
And buy the book: Elizabeth Dunn, an associate professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia, and Michael Norton, an associate professor of business administration at Harvard Business School, are authors of the forthcoming book “Happy Money: The Science of Spending.”







How To Be Happy And Live Longer In 5 Easy Steps!

MSNBC party

Stay Young And Happy!MSNBC party (Photo credit: fimoculous)

It’s No Good Building A Happy Life, If You Die Young.
If you want to be happy then you must want to have a long life of fun, enjoyment and fulfilment. If not, what a waste! Particularly if you are one of  our Happy People
So how do you make sure that you have a long life?
It is very simple, but not always easy. Just like in your happiness training, you must start building beliefs, practising certain actions and behaving in certain ways. If you have been reading this blog and doing the happiness programme, then you already have a good idea of what I mean. But instead of using the factors that you use for increasing your happiness, you start using factors that will give you a longer life.
Here are some of those factors:
1) Intelligence And Logic.
This combination  is probably the most important. Just think about it. People who have these factors or who build them up are likely to take care of their health and avoid risks, They also develop healthier relationships, whether they be romantic or just friendship. Some people are fortunately already strong in this area. But you can  still b


Be Young, Be HappyHappiness (Photo credit: Sync)

ecome even stronger by exercising your powers.
2) Good Humour And Lots Of Laughing
A study done at Einstein’s Institute for Aging Research, of the personalities of  243 centenarians, we found qualities of a positive attitude towards life. The study reflected that frequent laughter, an easy going attitude and optimism might tack on years to your life. There was some evidence that personality can change between the ages of 70 and 100. So I’m going to recommend that as soon as you reach 70, you must, and this is a rule for ALL The Happy People, start having twice as much fun, enjoyment and happiness as before.
3) Build A Strong Social Network
Get out more, mix with more people and make more friends! Here is one you have to be careful about. The right friends can really turn your life around but the wrong ones can make your life misery. For instance, your family. Good, strong family ties will work magic in your life, but sometimes your family can be the main cause of unhappiness in your life. Be aware but with the right people get involved.
4) Don’t Worry, Be Happy (And You Will Live Longer!)
Believe me! It’s True! If you have any doubt, a research document published last year by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences showed that, during a five year long study of  3,000 elderly people, those who reported being unhappy were TWICE as likely to die as those who reported being happy! Amazingly, this was true even in people who were chronically ill!
5) Diet, Exercise And Rest!
Look after after these and you’ll be looking after your happiness and length of life.

See you on the blog. Don’t forget to share the happiness training with all your friends!
Love, Wealth and Happiness,


How to be happy? Choose to be happy!

Happy kid

Happy kid (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is a truly great article about how you can be happy by choosing to be happy.
Many bad things can stop the happiness in your life. Depression, lack of money, bereavement, changes of circumstance can all destroy your full enjoyment of life.
The tragedy of these setbacks is that you lose sight of the fact that you were born to be happy. If you are not happy your physical and mental health will worsen. You know things should be different but you don’t know how to change them. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that happiness is an easy thing to get. For some people it can be next to impossible. BUT you will get there.  So the sooner you start, the sooner you will get there. The sooner you stop all those unhappiness hormones pumping through your body and get those happiness hormones pumping into your bloodstream, the healthier and  happier you will feel.
How To Be Happy
First you must make the choice to be happy. You must adopt the mind set that you are going to be happy.
Thenyou must have a strong plan:
1) Separate your problem areas out.
2) Start working on them.
3) If you can’t change some of them, accept the fact. Compartmentalise these  areas.
4) Start working on the happiness areas that you can change.
5) Start working on building new areas for happiness into your life.
You are probably wondering how you are going to actually do these things.
If so, go to the blog at  https://happinessguru.wordpress.com there are over 300 articles there that will help you. And it’s all FREE!

Here is an excerpt from the article I mentioned at the beginning of my post.
To read the full article, and you should, go to the link immediately below it.

Love , Peace and Happiness,    Tommy


You Can Choose Happiness

Yet, despite how difficult things are for so many, as I had to learn myself, it’s important to realize that we can still be perfectly happy… providing that we understand the one, true source of genuine, lasting happiness.

There’s a well-known scientific study that provides some necessary insight:

Researchers looked at three groups of people: lottery winners, accident victims who tragically became paraplegic, and a control group who neither won the lottery nor suffered severe trauma. Predictably enough, the study found that in the first few months after winning, lottery recipients experienced a large upward spike in their level of happiness, while the happiness level for the recently paralyzed subjects fell dramatically.

That’s not surprising, as anyone who has ever received shockingly good or bad news can attest. What’s startling is what researchers discovered beginning at sixth months and becomes unmistakable at the 12-month mark: Within a year, the happiness level of those that had won the lottery had fallen all the way back to, and in some cases well-below where it had been prior to their windfall. Conversely, after about a year, the paraplegic subjects had adjusted to their new life circumstances, and their happiness levels had recovered entirely. In fact, they were generally much happier than the lottery winners!





How to be Happy? Take a break!


Family is IMPORTANT Happy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How does having  a happiness break grab you? Does it sound good? Would you enjoy it? Let me answer for you: Yes! Yes! Yes!  LOL!
It sounds good when I say it but how to put it into your life.
You can’t be happy when you’re working longer hours!
“Technology was  supposed to create more leisure time. In 1965, the U.S. government predicted that by the year 2000, automation would lead to 20-hour work weeks.”
That would make you happy, wouldn’t it? You’d soon learn how to be happy with all that extra leisure time, wouldn’t you? Just imagine all the exciting, interesting things you could do.

Does all this sound too good to be true? You’re  right BECAUSE:
” However, from the 1970s to the 1990s, the average American worker spent 163 hours more working each year. So what happened to the happiness minutes?

Anne-Marie Slaughter at the Miller Center

Anne-Marie Slaughter at the Miller Center (Photo credit: Miller_Center)

You can’t be happy if you’re doing more work in each hour than ever before ”
And even worse:
“Our conception of time (in work) as something that should be packed with as many tasks as possible can be traced to the early 20th century’s scientific management philosophy, which suggested that businesses should induce workers to perform more tasks in less time……… They believed enhanced efficiency((in working hours) would free up more “happiness minutes” to spend with family.”

The above quotes come from Anne-Marie Slaughter‘s excellent article.     (See Link below). Perhaps  you think that this problem effects you, or  you are concerned about the level of Happiness in your life? If so perhaps you might become one of The Happy People community that read my blog ( https://happinessguru.wordpress.com  ) to learn to get more love, peace and happiness into your life. Start today, it’s FREE. Get happy!

Love, Peace and Happiness,

Link to Anne-Marie Slaughter’s excellent article