Happiness That Comes From Others!

Much new research is being done on exploring how Happiness is a combination of pleasure and purpose. Here are some of the results.

Some people will be more inclined towards finding happiness through pleasure seeking activities, other people towards purpose seeking or charitable work. A truly happy life has some balance of both pleasurable and purposeful activities. Volunteering, for example, is both pleasurable and purposeful, but particularly purposeful.  It’s a feeling of happiness caused by helping others.

The Scientists know that we exist to make ourselves happy – we can’t help it.

Everything that you do is motivated by the  good feelings that you hope will come from it, Those feelings can be made up of actions that directly bring YOU pleasure and those feelings can come from doing things that you feel will help OTHER PEOPLE! It would be foolish of you to seek out something that you knew for sure was going to make you miserable. The research being done shows that people, who spend time helping other people, feel a lot of pleasure from doing so.

Most of you know the meaning of the pleasure that comes from doing things for yourself but perhaps you should add in more of the meaningful pleasure that comes through helping others.

So how can you do this? What can you do to achieve happiness through meaningful action?

Perhaps the chief activities that bring you meaningful type of happiness are ones that draw you out of your bubble of self-interest and lead you to helping others in some way,  This can range from ordinary, day-to-day activities like helping to take care of friends, family, and community, to much larger pursuits like devoting years or decades of your life to find ways to reduce human suffering.

P.S      AND another way that doing this type of activity will bring more benefit to you is The Law Of Karma. Doing good work and helping others will bring rewards back to you. That includes Happiness. lol

The Happiness Guru


Depression Not Poverty Kills Happiness!

Shiny Happy People II

Shiny Happy People II (Photo credit: s.o.f.t.)

happy kid from Iran

happy kid from Iran (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happiness And Money
If you want to be Happy, having money isn’t the most important thing. Depression is the main cause of  unhappiness and not a lack of money.

How much money you get only has a small direct affect on on how happy you feel. According to Lord Richard Layard, of the London School of Economics, in an article in the Metro. Some quotes from the story are given below in italics:

Metro: Size of salary has only a small effect on our overall wellbeing, according to a report which claims to offer the first complete snapshot of the nation’s happiness. Income matters but it’s not the only thing that matters,’Poor mental health can reduce life expectancy at the same rate as smoking – is highlighted as one of the biggest issues affecting the nation’s happiness.

As I have said, in many, many articles, Depression, not poverty, is the enemy of true Happiness. Some people are rich and unhappy, others are poor but happy. To put it another way, some people are rich AND depressed. Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m NOT saying that you should be poor if you want to be happy. The aim of The Happy People is to never be depressed AND have money. And these are two different aims. At present, we are working on getting rid of depression and building up Happiness.
There is been lots of studies of poor countries where the people are very happy. More so than in the rich countries. These studies show different areas of life, rather than wealth, which can produce much happiness.These people do not get depressed about their poverty. You can use these areas to make improvements in your mental health BUT money, used the right way, can also bring lots of Happiness.
You must always be working on ways of building up the amount of Happiness in your life AND the amount of money in your bank account.

Children And Happiness 

Metro: And ‘emotional health’ in childhood is singled out as the most important factor in adult wellbeing.‘It has a major influence on children’s subsequent success – their relationships, physical health

I take it that by this they are talking about children having  ‘a happy childhood’. If you consider yourself one of The Happy People, and I cannot emphasise this enough, you have the sacred duty to make sure that EVERY child that you are hear of, know or are responsible for is protected from abuse, nurtured to full healthy development and is Happy. There must be no weakening on this. It is your full duty and fully affects your KARMIC balance more than anything I know of. A depressed child is a sin against nature. KARMA knows what you should do and what you fail to do. if you truly want to be one of The Happy People, don’t fail this duty.

Metro:  and whether they can get a good job,’ said Lord Layard. The Measuring National Wellbeing report was ordered by the government. New data will be collected each year and taken into account alongside traditional economic measures of prosperity.

They said this last year but I’ve seen no evidence, have you?

Metro: Lord Gus O’Donnell, of the Cabinet Office, said the new approach could ‘revolutionise’ policy-making – but work was needed to turn the report’s findings into practical ideas.

This blog has 300 articles. All full of good, practical ways to be Happier. Don’t wait for the government. Start to study the articles NOW!  LOL!

Back soon, Love,Peace and Happiness,

Here is a link to the original Metro story:   http://tinyurl.com/a88fs5j

You Can Buy Happiness? Here’s How!


Happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)MMoney can’t buy happiness is a belief that a lot of people have. Lots of research has


Be as happy as a kid ALL your life. Happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Money CAN Buy Happiness!
It is often said that money can’t buy happiness. Lots of research has been  done that shows this to be true. And it is almost always true. But being poor won’t buy happiness either. The truth is that whatever amount of money you have, what you spend your money on will control to a large extent just how happy you are. I’m not talking about people who are suffering illnesses or disabilities or are bereaved. These ‘unhappinesses’ have very little to do with money.

Money spent wisely, can help you to be happier. Some people (I’m talking about the UK) have very little money left after buying the essentials of life. But most people have some money left over. Some people are very wasteful with money.
They spend it foolishly on gambling, alcohol and drug abuse. Things that they say they enjoy but really bring much stress, misery and problems into their lives. And lots of Bad Karma!
Many, many people that I know fall into this latter group. People on good incomes who have nothing in the bank and mountains of debt.
As the leader of The Happy People, I am determined to show everybody that they  can be happy.  This is an easy group to start with. They have the ability to act more wisely with the money that they do have. They only have to stop wasting it and start spending it on things that will bring more happiness into their lives and the lives of the people that they love.
I have just read an excellent article about this approach to happiness. The link to the full article is at the bottom of the post.
Here are some of the highlights and my comments which are written in italics. But do read the full article at the link.

Using Money To Buy Happiness

Recent research has begun to distinguish two aspects of subjective well-being. Emotional well-being refers to the emotional quality of an individual’s everyday experience — the frequency and intensity of experiences of joy, stress, sadness, anger, and affection that make one’s life pleasant or unpleasant. Life evaluation refers to the thoughts that people have about their life when they think about it. We raise the question of whether money buys happiness, separately for these two aspects of well-being. We report an analysis of more than 450,000 responses to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, a daily survey of 1,000 US residents conducted by the Gallup Organization. […] When plotted against log income, life evaluation rises steadily.

The Gallup Organization is a very reliable one and this is a massive number of responses so we can trust the results.

But even if you’re fortunate enough to have a good income, how you spend your money has a strong influence on how h appy – or unhappy – it will make you. And, again, there’s science behind this. The relevant research is summarized in If money doesn’t make you happy, then you probably aren’t spending it right (pdf).

Most people don’t know the basic scientific facts about happiness — about what brings it and what sustains it — and so they don’t know how to use their money to acquire it.

I have written lots of posts here on the blog about this.

and it should not be surprising when wealthy people who know nothing about happiness end up with lives that aren’t that much happier than anyone else’s. Money is an opportunity for happiness, but it is an opportunity that people routinely squander because the things they think will make them happy oftendon’t

You must study the blog and learn every possible way to increase your knowledge of happiness, how to get it and how to use your money to get even more. Here are some of the article’s advised ways  


What is, then, the science of happiness? I’ll summarize the basic eight points as best I can, but read the actual paper (pdf) to obtain the citations and details on the underlying studies underpinning each of these principles.

1. Buy experiences instead of things

Things get old. Things become ordinary. Things stay the same. Things wear out. Things are difficult to share. But experiences are totally unique; they shine like diamonds in your memory, often more brightly every year, and they can be shared forever. Whenever possible, spend money on experiences such as taking your family to Disney World, rather than things like a new television.

Again, more posts on my blog.

2. Help others instead of yourself

Human beings are intensely social animals. Anything we can do with money to create deeper connections with other human beings tends to tighten our social connections and reinforce positive feelings about ourselves and others. Imagine ways you can spend some part of your money to help others – even in a very small way – and integrate that into your regular spending habits.

Sharing also brings GOOD KARMA. See my blog.

3. Buy many small pleasures instead of few big ones

Because we adapt so readily to change, the most effective use of your money is to bring frequent change, not just “big bang” changes that you will quickly grow acclimated to. Break up large purchases, when possible, into smaller ones over time so that you can savor the entire experience. When it comes to happiness, frequency is more important than intensity. Embrace the idea that lots of small, pleasurable purchases are actually more effective than a single giant one.

Great advice.

4. Buy less insurance

Humans adapt readily to both positive and negative change. Extended warranties and insurance prey on your impulse for loss aversion, but because we are so adaptable, people experience far less regret than they anticipate when their purchases don’t work out. Furthermore, having the easy “out” of insurance or a generous return policy can paradoxically lead to even more angst and unhappiness because people deprived themselves of the emotional benefit of full commitment. Thus, avoid buying insurance, and don’t seek out generous return policies.

I think this is mainly an American thing. I don’t do this often,  I’ m from Merseyside, UK, so I’m not sure about it.

5. Pay now and consume later

Immediate gratification can lead you to make purchases you can’t afford, or may not even truly want. Impulse buying also deprives you of the distance necessary to make reasoned decisions. It eliminates any sense of anticipation, which is a strong source of happiness. For maximum happiness, savor (maybe even prolong!) the uncertainty of deciding whether to buy, what to buy, and the time waiting for the object of your desire to arrive.

When you are buying something, think about it overnight. Commonly known as ‘Sleep on it’. I think the article means significant items. If you did it before buying a daily paper, it could be a waste of of time LOL. Thinking about it, though I stopped buying newspapers a long time ago because the weekly cost mounts up high.

6. Think about what you’re not thinking about

We tend to gloss over details when considering future purchases, but research shows that our happiness (or unhappiness) largely lies in exactly those tiny details we aren’t thinking about. Before making a major purchase, consider the mechanics and logistics of owning this thing, and where your actual time will be spent once you own it. Try to imagine a typical day in your life, in some detail, hour by hour: how will it be affected by this purchase?

7. Beware of comparison shopping

Comparison shopping focuses us on attributes of products that arbitrarily distinguish one product from another, but have nothing to do with how much we’ll enjoy the purchase. They emphasize characteristics we care about while shopping, but not necessarily what we’ll care about when actually using or consuming what we just bought. In other words, getting a great deal on cheap chocolate for $2 may not matter if it’s not pleasurable to eat. Don’t get tricked into comparing for the sake of comparison; try to weight only those criteria that actually matter to your enjoyment or the experience.

This is a good one. Basically, before looking to see how good this item is compared with that one, you should ask yourself do you really need any of them. Or could you hold on to your money.  

8. Follow the herd instead of your head

Don’t overestimate your ability to independently predict how much you’ll enjoy something. We are, scientifically speaking, very bad at this. But if something reliably makes others happy, it’s likely to make you happy, too. Weight other people’s opinions and user reviews heavily in your purchasing decisions. Happiness is a lot harder to come by than money. So when you do spend money, keep these eight lessons in mind to maximize whatever happiness it can buy for you.

So What Should You Do?
Read the FULL article and visit the links in it. Again y
ou must study this article and all the posts on my blog and learn every possible way to increase your knowledge of happiness, how to get it and how to use your money to get even more. You will be then living a life leading to lots of Good Karma
Get Yourself Some Good Karma!
How can you do that? See what number 2 above says about sharing.Research shows that sharing HAPPINESS with others will bring you happiness to you and lots of Good Karma.
We are talking about wise with money. Here is a way to save money AND get more happiness and bring happiness to others.
Share this article and all my blog posts with ALL your friends. Share them everywhere . Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc, etc. Reach out and help me make the world a happier place.It won’t cost a penny LOL.
Love, Peace and Happiness,Tommy
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How Karmic Meditation Brings True Happiness!

Meditating in Madison Square Park, Manhattan, ...

Meditating in Madison Square Park, Manhattan, New York City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bad Karma (1991 film)

Bad Karma (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Why You Need  Karmic Meditation?
Do you want a low level, depressing disappointing life-style? Of course you don’t!
Do you want all of life’s goodies? Lots of love, self-confidence, happiness and enough wealth to lead the sort of life that you want? Of course you do! Everybody does!
So what holds you back?
Why are so many of you disappointed with the way life is treating you?
Well, lots of things can hold you back. Things like:
Karmic Action And It’s Good Or Bad Effects
Well, the MAIN problem is YOU. Your major problem is that you do not fully understand the Law of Karma, how important it is in  your present life and how it effects all your future re-incarnations.
There are also problems with your self confidence, your way of thinking and what you do or don’t do.  There are many other reasons but these are probably the ones for most people.
Karma, your self confidence, your way of thinking and your actions will work together to give you the sort of life that you are getting right now. Now that is fine, if the sort of life that you are getting right now is the sort of life that you really want. But if the sort of life that you are getting right now is not exactly the sort of life that you want, then you must make changes. YOU must make changes in you.
Nobody else can make the changes. You must do it. You must make those changes in YOURself. In your confidence, your way of thinking and what you do or don’t do!
You can see the sense there can’t you?

If you carry on doing the exact same things that you have always done, you will keep on getting exactly the same sort of life that you you are having now.
If you want your life to change, then you must change the things that you do.

What Can Meditation Do?
Meditation provides many almost magical methods for changing your life. You can use it to build up your Good Karma and, at the same time, cut down on anxiety, unhappiness and depression. This will make your life happier.You can use it to turn your life completely around, you can use it to get the things you want and you can use it to put power into any self-improvement targets that you are working on. Personal programmes such as weight loss, building intimate relationships or getting wealthy can all be helped by using it  It will help you set up, stick at and achieve the targets that you want up for yourself.
Other Benefits You Will Get
While you may be using meditation for any of the above or even other purposes, I would like to point out something else of great benefit to you. While you are meditating, and it doesn’t matter why you are doing it, you get side effects. Here are three of the most important, most beneficial and most powerful side effects:
1)The Best Side Effect
 As you meditate, you produce a small but steady flow of hormones  that make you feel good. I make use of this effect. If ever I feel problems building up, I increase my mediTation (please note, meditaTion, not mediCation  lol).  This increases my flow of the ‘happy’ hormones. The ‘happy’ hormones enable me to always be on top of things, to always feel good and always act positively. This is a good way of dealing with bouts of self doubt, anxiety or depression. It is a fantastic skill for you to work on. If you keep working on it, it becomes easy to use and more powerful. This skill plus regular meditation will keep you moving forward. It will allow you to by-pass any problems or set-backs on your way to the plans that you have for your life.
The way to build up this skill is to become aware of any signs of a happy feeling caused by your meditation. Perhaps it may only be very slight at first, but it can often be quite strong and easy to notice. When you notice it concentrate on where you feel it it and how it feels. Amplify and allow it to spread. At present this may sound difficult. Let me tell you that once you get into your meditating, you will quickly notice this feeling. And you will easily amplify it and be able to let it spread.
2)Keep Your Karma Working For You
When you are meditating and producing these ‘happy’ hormones you are living in tune with the Laws of Nature, you are in tune with the Cosmos and you act in harmony with the people around you. This will build a strong flow of good Karma. This will enable you to be even more on top of things, to feel even better and act even positively. This is a positive loop. To always be on top of things, to always feel good and always act positively produces good Karma. Good Karma produces even more of those good things in your attitude to your life. Around and  around they go, feeding each other. And growing ever stronger. And the opposite is true. When you are depressed about thing, anxious or miserable about things, you are producing toxic chemicals in your bloodstream. You are building Bad Karma for  you for your future. You are making sure that you will have even more anxiety, sadness and depression. The Law Of Attraction says that what you focus on will come to you. So stop focusing on negative, harmful things.You could be building up a chain of Bad Karma that will ruin your life. Not only your life now, not only your lie in the immediate future but also your next life. And, possibly your next couple of lives. Start meditating and focus on the positive effects that it produces in you. Effects like Love, Peace and Happiness. These will have an effect on your life right now, in your immediate immediate future. And, if you keep doing it, your next couple of lives.
3) Your Luck Will Change!
As 1) and 2)are taking place in your life, you will notice something else. Your luck will start to change. You will notice lots of lucky things begin to happen. Good things start appear in your life. This is the good Karma starting to work for you. The good Karmic vibrations, that you are causing, are building up and coming back to you. You are becoming one of The Happy People. Why not click on the Facebook sign below and share this article with a friend? We have our own Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Karma/200040216673445   Please join and post something there.

Love, Peace and Happiness, Tommy

Happy deeds bring happiness! Karma!

Happiness And Kindness
Happiness brings more happiness. What if happiness were used as a sort of money? The Danish chocolate company Anthon Berg tried an experiment six months ago. They called it the Generous Store campaign.
What They Did
The company paid people in advance with chocolate. In return, these people promised to perform a generous act for a loved one.
The campaign was run on Facebook. People who wanted to participate, posted on Facebook, promising to perform various acts of kindness. They then picked up their payment in chocolate. When they had done their kind act, they posted details on Facebook. Seven out of ten of them reported feeling happy when they received the chocolate, happy that the chocolate company could trust them and happy again when they performed the kind act.
The Result
That is three bursts of happiness in one go. Could you think up a way in which you could do something similar? LOL
It is very hard to do three. This experiment involved three parties. The chocolate company causing the second party to act in that way. But it is very easy to get two bursts of happiness in one go.
I have written before about how you get a happy feeling when you do an act of kindness for somebody. If they show some sort of gratitude, you get another happy feeling.
Many, many experiments have been done that show this effect to work. It works particularly well if you do an act of kindness or help to a stranger.
Don’t forget that you are also setting up a flow of Good Karma. All of which will flow back to you!
Give it a try. Give a stranger a piece of chocolate. Tell them that I told you to. LOL.
I’m serious. Give it a try. Write and let me know at our magazine at


Happiness!!! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Miley Cyrus, Meditation and Karma!

In a recent television program “The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet“, she urged other girls to “Wake-up.  Just be yourself.  Go meditate.  Go spend 10 minutes really looking at yourself”.
Miley also belives in reincarnation . She  Tweeted: “For my next life can I please come back as some form of marine life?” She has ‘karma’ is tattooed on her right index finger. She has now licensed an online “Miley’s Meditation” game which shows an animated Cyrus meditating.
She is obviously one of The Happy People. Her meditation and study of Karmic Law will keep her moving forward in the extreme stresses of  professional singing and Show Business life.
Why don’t you become one of The Happy People? It’ easy and it’s FREE. Just follow this blog. Learn, obtain
English: Billy Ray Cyrus and his daughter Mile...

and share your happiness with other people. Just as Miley does.
Love,Wealth and Happiness,   Tommy

Dogs have psychic power to give you Happiness!


Happiness (Photo credit: Advertise2win®)

If you want to get happy get a dog!
Research at the University of Porto, Portugal have found that DOGS have an amazing psychic link with human beings. That means you and me.
They can ‘read’ your emotional state and react to it. This is called ‘Emotional Contagion’. Dr. Karina Silva tested this by getting dog owners to act distressed. Their pets also started to show distress. I know this is true and you can test it if you have a dog. ~
The Test
Put your hands up to your face and pretend to cry and see if your dog reacts. Most will do react and show distress. They are sharing your emotional upset.
If you don’t have a dog ask a friend who does to try it. Then if you stop acting upset and make a fuss of them, they become twice as excited and happy. Jumping all over you and licking your face.
You’ve Proved It
This proves the experiment was right. They are happy when you are happy. They become  upset when you are upset. And they are delighted when you recover from you pretend ‘upset’.
If you show a dog that you are happy to see it, it will quickly show that it is happy to see you. But you already know this, don’t you?
My point is that you know this but you are not aware of the happiness quality that is all around you. It is EEEZZZY to get happy if you know how. There are many, many other happiness elements in your life.  You must learn how to recognise what they are and to use them to the full.
Today we are talking about you and your dog. And of course, happiness. Here is a SIMPLE exercise for you to get even more fun into your life. And your dog’s life.
The next time you know that you are going to see your dog shortly. Perhaps you are going home. Imagine the moment your dog sees you. How will it act? Makes you feel warm just thinking about it, doesn’t it? When you see him or her, make a great fuss.  Much more than you usually do. This feels even better, doesn’t it? Keep it going. Roll, tickle, scratch and rub. This has to make you happy. And your dog. Try to judge which of you is having the most, happy fun. You are making yourself happy AND spreading it around. Building up lots of the best kind of Karma to enjoy at a later date.
If you don’t have a dog, do it with a friend’s dog. Or a neighbour’s. LOL
If you’re having a bad day, there is the remedy. Right at your feet. Bend down and GET HAPPY!
Why not post a good picture of your dog or other pet in our happiness magazine on our happiness page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Karma/200040216673445
Love, Wealth and Happiness,  Tommy.

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Money=Good Karma AND Happiness? Here’s How!

International Money Pile in Cash and Coins

International Money Pile in Cash and Coins (Photo credit: epSos.de)

Okay, you’ve been reading all the articles on this site. You know the Law Of Attraction the same way that you know the back of your hand. Your Good Karma is working like a garden sprinkler. Sprinkling Good Karma all over you and the others in your life. AND, you now have as much money as you want!
The Law of Attraction has seen to that. How will all that wealth change your life?
Laura Vanderkam has written about getting, spending, and sharing money in her new book “All the Money in the World: What the Happiest People Know about Getting and Spending” Available from Amazon at  http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=All+The+Money+In+The+World.&x=15&y=18

In this book she shares her own experiences and those of people who decided they’d rather spend their wealth on their ideas about what would make them happy.
For instance, having a dream holiday instead of buying a ring. Doesn’t that sound great? It does to me. You might have other ideas. This book will really open your mind up to new  ways of thinking.
Let me ask you this. If you now had as much money as you wanted, how would you spend it in order to make yourself happy? Laura doesn’t mention this  but you must remember that, as a potential member of The Happy People, you must not cause any Bad Karma and must always try to create Good Karma for yourself and those around you.
The book is in three main parts Getting, Spending, and Sharing.  Here is a list of the contents.

INTRODUCTION You Have More Money Than You Think
CHAPTER 1 What Else Could That Ring Buy?
CHAPTER 2 Don’t Scrimp More, Make More
CHAPTER 3 Rethink Retirement
CHAPTER 4 Laughing at the Joneses
CHAPTER 5 The Best Weekend Ever
CHAPTER 6 The Marginal Cost of Children
CHAPTER 7 The Chicken Mystique
CHAPTER 8 The Selfish Joy of Giving
CHAPTER 9 Another Way to Invest
CHAPTER 10 Ode to a Ziploc Bag

This book will give you new ideas about Money and Happiness. When you add in your understanding of the Law Of Attraction and Karma, you will have a powerful, positive plan to make massive changes your life.
The Law Of Attraction will draw the wealth to you. This book will make sure that you use your wealth wisely. Your use of Karma will keep driving you forward to higher levels of performance.

Go for it now.
Buy the book.
Bookmark this site
Pay a visit to our Magazine at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Karma/200040216673445
Get started working with it.  The sooner you get started, the sooner you get there LOL

Love, Wealth and Happiness,  Tommy

Children, Love, Happiness, Law Of Attraction, Karma!


Happy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Headline in the Daily Mail says:
“Having children may not make us happier… but it gives our lives more meaning, says research”
They’re WRONG! Children DO make you happier! And what a way to build up Good KARMA.
You make kids happy,  they make you happy, then you make them happy, then they make you happy. Try and make it go on for ever! What a way to build an unbroken loop of Good KARMA. Keep it flowing round and round for ever. LOL. Use the Law of Attraction to draw happiness into your life and pour it over your children in a warm shower.  Keep attracting it in and keep sending it out. That’s the way that the Laws of Attraction  and Karma work and this is one way to work with them in your life. I know that the correct use of these two Laws will give you EVERYTHING that you want in your life. I know, believe me.  If you want to read more bookmark this site and have a look at our Facebook Magazine at:

I said that the  Headline is wrong, but it is an interesting article. Read it at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2135843/Children-lives-meaning-says-happiness-poll.html#ixzz1tGsoBTqP


The Complete Happy Plan!

Serious Money

Serious Money (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What Would Make YOU Happy?
Usually getting what you want in your life. Now in order to get what you want in your life, first you must learn what it is that you want in your life. It could be anything. Perhaps it’s just one thing, perhaps it’s everything. Plenty of Money, lots of Success, a change of appearance, an exciting sex partner, a reliable husband or wife, of plenty friends, great holidays and a nice home. Why limit yourself? Find out what would really make you happy, get it, and start enjoying a happy lifestyle.
Sounds simple, doesn’t it? And you’re probably saying ‘It’s easy for him to talk’,aren’t you? And you’re right! Talking is easy. That’s why you do nothing but talk about what is wrong in your life. You never DO anything about it. It’s not as if this programme asks you to do anything hard. I make sure that each step is super easy to understand, to get started on and to keep on doing.
First you must prioritise your list. Find out what would give you the most satisfaction in your life and start going for that first.
That is your basic plan. Have a look at the list above and work out what you are going to go for first. Then examine the archives at  https://happinessguru.wordpress.com         to find articles that will help you.
Getting Started
The next step is to move through the plan. To do this you will need energy to get you started, the energy to keep you going and the energy to stick to the plan until all those things that you can only dream about at present, become a reality. A part of your everyday life. Just think about how happy, how satisfying and how enjoyable your life will be when what you want to happen in your life is happening. And it will happen. Believe me! Just as sure as day follows the darkest night, it will work for you. Even if you are presently in  the pitch black darkness of disappointment, loneliness or despair, your new energy will be like the strongest torch beam. It will cut through the darkness and focus only on where you want go and show you the safest and quickest way to get there.
By now, I know that you are thinking, what energy is that? LOL. So let me stop telling you how much you are going to enjoy yourself and start talking about the ENERGY you will be using.. LOL.
The Energy
To get the full energy, you must follow some very simple guide lines. I hope that you already follow some of them.
1) Exercise regularly.
2) Be active. Get out and about. Your life won’t get better while you’re sitting in your armchair. The armchair is for doing your planning. If you’re not planning your next big event get up, get out and get moving.
3) Eat the right sort of healthy food. If you are overweight, start some sort of weight control plan.
4) Stop smoking, alcohol abuse and drug taking. If you are on drugs prescribed by your doctor, examine this area closely. I know lots of people who are on prescription drugs whose lives have been wrecked by them.
5) All the above are things you should be doing already to certain levels. Perhaps you could boost them a bit. They all drain you life energy and interfere with your body working for higher levels of achievement. The more you can cut down on them, the quicker you will get where you want to go. Believe me. I have seen it happen so many times. Now here are some things you may not be so familiar with.
6) Meditation. You are presently like a runner in a race trying to run with a large back pack. It is overloaded with rubbish from your past. Rubbish that your parents, teachers  and other people filled you with, brainwashing from the media, bad experiences and false beliefs. If you want to start winning the race  of life, you want to start getting rid of all that rubbish. And meditation will get rid of all of it, so completely that it will amaze you.
7) You must learn how Karma works and how to use it. Doing Good Karma means that Good Karma will come back to you. Doing Bad Karma means that Bad Karma will come back to you. Living a life full of Good Karma will help you achieve all that could ever want in your life.
8) You must understand the law of Cause and Effect i.e If you start working on your plan ,then  your plan will start working for you. Or: If you put money in the bank every week, then you will have enough for a great holiday. Or: If you spend all your money, then you’ll be broke. LOL.  Or: If you drink too much, the next day you’ll have a hangover. More  LOL
9) You must KNOW that there is an abundance and wealth of EVERYTHING that you could possibly want. It’s all out there. Money, Success, Love. They are all there just waiting for you to take your share. And I am going to teach you how to take all that you want,need and wish for.
10) You must learn how to flow your intrinsic energy. This is the pysical psychic and subtle  energy that is well known in Japan (Ki) and China (Chi). It is called  Ki as in Ai-KI-do or Chi as in Tai CHI. This is the most powerful energy that you can master. Roughly speaking it is a mixture of all the others. It is not in any way connected to Yoga.
I have listed 10 energies . You could concentrate on one of them, some of them or even all of them. The amount of work  you put in can be very slight or full power.  But just like the Laws of Karma the more you put in, the more you get out. The harder you work, the better the results. The more you focus, the quicker you will get what it is you want.
My advice to you is to start off using a little of each of them. And just let your strength build up. Follow the ones that you find easy to do. but increase the pressure.
When you get a good grip on the above.they will give you EVERYTHING that you want.
Go for it……NOW!
Love, Wealth and Happiness,   Tommy