Be Flexible!

It’s one personality tool that will help you to enjoy a really SUCCESSFUL life. Throughout your life there will be situations you won’t be able to control and people who will rub you up the wrong way!
The ability to change your behaviour and attitude to EVERY situation and person that is bothering you will let become a winner more often.
It’s one personality tool that will help you to enjoy a really STRESS FREE life.
Now you are living The Happy People lifestyle. A SUCCESSFUL and STRESS FREE cruise on a sea of GOOD FEELING. LOL
Be FLEXIBLE, you’ll enjoy it so much.
The Happiness Guru


How to be Happy? Take a break!


Family is IMPORTANT Happy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How does having  a happiness break grab you? Does it sound good? Would you enjoy it? Let me answer for you: Yes! Yes! Yes!  LOL!
It sounds good when I say it but how to put it into your life.
You can’t be happy when you’re working longer hours!
“Technology was  supposed to create more leisure time. In 1965, the U.S. government predicted that by the year 2000, automation would lead to 20-hour work weeks.”
That would make you happy, wouldn’t it? You’d soon learn how to be happy with all that extra leisure time, wouldn’t you? Just imagine all the exciting, interesting things you could do.

Does all this sound too good to be true? You’re  right BECAUSE:
” However, from the 1970s to the 1990s, the average American worker spent 163 hours more working each year. So what happened to the happiness minutes?

Anne-Marie Slaughter at the Miller Center

Anne-Marie Slaughter at the Miller Center (Photo credit: Miller_Center)

You can’t be happy if you’re doing more work in each hour than ever before ”
And even worse:
“Our conception of time (in work) as something that should be packed with as many tasks as possible can be traced to the early 20th century’s scientific management philosophy, which suggested that businesses should induce workers to perform more tasks in less time……… They believed enhanced efficiency((in working hours) would free up more “happiness minutes” to spend with family.”

The above quotes come from Anne-Marie Slaughter‘s excellent article.     (See Link below). Perhaps  you think that this problem effects you, or  you are concerned about the level of Happiness in your life? If so perhaps you might become one of The Happy People community that read my blog (  ) to learn to get more love, peace and happiness into your life. Start today, it’s FREE. Get happy!

Love, Peace and Happiness,

Link to Anne-Marie Slaughter’s excellent article



Fill Your Life With Love, Wealth And Happiness, NOW!

Laughing girl

Laughing girl (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Life is meant to be filled with Love of every kind, it is meant to be filled with wealth of every kind and it is meant to be filled with happiness of every kind
This is your life . YOUR life. It doesn’t belong to anybody else. Nobody can tell you what to do with it.
You don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do and that means that you can do anything and everything that makes you feel good. Providing you do not harm anybody else.
Play the guitar, paint paintings, dance. Do what makes you happy. Laugh, party and have fun.
Start doing it now. Do it with style, do it with enthusiasm, do it with joy.
Do things that you want to do and stop doing what you don’t want to do. Why be lonely? why be unfulfilled? Why be unhappy?
YOU are in control.
So take control. NOW!
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Love, Peace and Happiness,  Tommy

Be Happy, Here’s How!

There used to be no Science of Happiness. Everybody believed that you had no control over being happy. You had no control over when you were happy, You had no control over how long you were happy for and you had no control over how strong the feeling of being happy was when you did have it.
They were all wrong. You can control it. You can control it in all of those areas. How often it comes, how long it stays here and how to supersize it. But, before going into how, let me share with you the new ‘Science of Happiness’.
Neuroscientists, psychologists and researchers all over the world are establishing what makes people happy, happier and happiest in all areas of their life. The problem is that these investigators are not doing this to make you and me happier. They don’t do it in order to make themselves happier. They do it to let their bosses and their fellow scientists know how CLEVER they are.
And being clever is not being happy.
Being recognised as being clever will bring a temporary buzz of happiness. We all know this. We have all had this. But it will fade. Let me share this with you.
You do something clever. People say things like:
“I like that”
“That’s clever”
“You’re pretty smart”
You immediately feel a warm glow of recognition. That is a happy feeling. We’ve all had it.
But it is, in my opinion, not a good base for the happiness lifestyle that I want to share with people.
Why not?
Because it follows all the rules of the OLD ideas about happiness.
First of all your happiness has to come from other people. And they may not give it.
They may not mention how clever you are.
They may only mention it briefly.
They may never mention it again.
So you see, you have no control over when it comes, how long it lasts or how powerful it is.
You must learn that control over your happiness lifestyle must not rely on the behaviour of other people.
You must learn how to generate your own happiness.
You must learn to control your own life for yourself, for your own benefit, for your own happiness.
So why not get started, NOW!
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Love, Peace and Happiness, Tommy  🙂

How The Happy People Handle Stress!

The Problem

More and more people are suffering from stress and all the heath problems that it brings with it. It is also a major factor in a lot of heart related deaths. (It  affects people who are working and people who are unemployed. I have put 2 links at the bottom of this post. Read them to get a fuller picture of this problem.)

In small doses, over a short period of time, stress is not harmful. In fact it can help you to handle emergencies. But,  if you are under heavy stress that never lets up, it will do a lot of damage to your body and mind. It will ‘age’ your body, hinder clear thinking and cause emotional problems. It is not a happy place to be. You must start to get out from under that harmful pressure as quickly as possible. Stress, worry, anxiety, whatever your doctor cares to call it will cause you much grief. It will ruin your ability to cope with life’s problems, it will ruin your personal relationships, it will ruin your ability to to be happy.

How The Happy People Do It

Research shows that planning to get more happiness into your life will reduce the bad effects of stress. And here are some of the methods that The Happy People use:

1) Meditation. Any spiritual act helps. Going to church, praying etc are all good but meditation has a lot of other health benefits going for it. See  2 articles at:       and at

2) Exercise. Any exercise is good for you. Move more, be active, stay fit. The fitter you are, the happier you will be!


4) Practice GRATITUDE!


6) Learn how to plan a happier life and look forward to enjoying it. Optimism!

7) VERY IMPORTANT! Build strong, powerful, loving relationships with all the people in your life. Become HAPPY and spread HAPPINESS. Become the person people like to see coming.

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Love, Peace and Happiness, Tommy

P.S Here are the two links that I mentioned at the start of this post:

Stress for Workers

Stress for Unemployed

Meditation Builds A bigger And Better Brain!

Recent research (link to article at bottom of post) shows that Meditation will make your brain bigger and more powerful. It also shows that the longer you have been doing it, the stronger the effect.. Don’t waste time, start meditating NOW. Join The Happy People at:

Link to article:

Get Happiness, Love And Wealth In Your Life!

This is your life . YOUR life. It doesn’t belong to anybody else. Nobody can tell you what to do.

You don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do and that means that you can do anything that you wish with your life
Play the guitar, paint paintings, dance..
Start doing it now. Do it with style, do it with enthusiasm, do it with joy. Build up good Karma and enjoy the fruits of good Karma
Do things that you want to do and stop doing what you don’t want to do. Why be lonely? Why be unfulfilled? Why be unhappy?
YOU are in control.
So take control.
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Love,Peace and Happiness,  Tommy

Group For Love, Wealth AND Happiness!

Start YOUR better life NOW

Everybody wants a life that is full of love, wealth and happiness. So why do so many of you put up with unhappiness, loneliness and disappointment? The answer is, in short, because you don’t know HOW to make the changes that you need and want and should have. And the project that I am setting out aims to show you how to do that. How to move your life up to a higher level. It’s your right as a human being. You’re entitled to it. And I am going to make sure that you get it.
Here is an outline of what we will be doing with this project.
1) I will soon be distributing a free ebook which will change your ideas about happiness completely and start you off on a life full of happiness.
2) There will be free how to advicei, lessons and plans  here at
3) You can use our Facebook page at
 for trading ideas and experiences.
4) There will be group meetings, group lectures and group trainings starting shortly in Liverpool.. I have spent 30 years doing these. There will be no trouble getting them going. I know that they will be be both successful and popular.
A very important part of the programme would be to be able to meet other people in groups to network in real life, test and compare experiences. This is important but not necessary. You can use the programme on your own.
My first objective is to get a group going locally (for me LOL). If you live within travelling distance of Liverpool, you can look forward to taking part in this part of the plan. You should be enjoying a better life very soon. Full of fun, new friends with similar ideas and, more important, more happiness.
I am an NLPer. I specialise in what works. This programme is based on what will work. It will work for YOU, when you start working with it. First we must get a group together to get started with meetings in Liverpool.
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The Magic Of Meditation!

What Can You Do With Meditation?

Meditation provides many almost magical methods for changing your life. You can use it to cut down on anxiety, unhappiness and depression. This will make your life happier.You can use it to put power into any self-improvement targets that you are working on,  such as weight loss, building intimate relationships or getting wealthy can all be helped by using it  It will help you set up, stick at and get what it is that you want.

What Meditation Will Do For You

While you may be using meditation for any of the above or even other purposes, I would like to point out something else of great benefit to you. While you are meditating, and it doesn’t matter why you are doing it, you get the side effects. Here are two of the most important, most beneficial and most powerful side effects:

The Beneficial Side Effects

1) As you meditate, you produce a small but steady flow of hormones  that make you feel good. I make use of this effect. If ever I feel problems building up, I increase my mediTation (please note, meditaTion, not mediCation  lol).  This increases my flow of the ‘happy’ hormones. The ‘happy’ hormones enable me to always be on top of things, to always feel good and always act positively.

2) When you are meditating and producing these ‘happy’ hormones you are living in tune with the Laws of Nature, you are in tune with the Cosmos and you act in harmony with the people around you. This will build a strong flow of good Karma. This will enable you to be even more on top of things, to feel even better and act even positively. This is a positive loop. To always be on top of things, to always feel good and always act positively produces good Karma. Good Karma produces even more of those good things in your attitude to your life Round and round they go,feeding each other. And growing ever stronger. And……….

3) As 1) and 2)are taking place in your life, you will notice something else. Your luck will start to change. You will notice lots of lucky things begin to happen. Good things start appear in your life. This is the good Karma starting to work for you. The good Karmic vibrations, that you are causing, are building up and coming back to you. You are becoming one of The Happy People. Why not click on the Facebook sign below and share this article with a friend? We have our own Facebook page at:   Please join and post something there.

Love, Peace and Happiness, Tommy

The purpose of joining The Happy People is to change your life, so that the bad situations you have been putting up with or trying to change will clear up just in the process of the new changed life that you will be living. This is the generative model in NLP.

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