Powerful News For THE HAPPY PEOPLE!!!! Proof Of Benefits From Doing Meditation!!!!

GOOD NEWS for the members of THE HAPPY PEOPLE who use Meditation as one of their paths to a HAPPY Lifestyle!!!!!

The regular practice of the right type of Meditation appears to be beneficial to the immune system, according to new research by scientists in Spain.

People who practise Meditation were found to have higher levels of leucocytes and lymphocytes in their blood than people who don’t meditate, in the recent study. Leucocytes and lymphocytes are white blood cells which play an important role in the body’s immune system by fighting infection.

Researchers at the Hospital in Badajoz, Spain, set out to evaluate the immune systems of people who Meditate.

The scientists studied who had practised Meditation..

The white blood cells of the Meditaters were compared to those of a control group of healthy adults aged 22 to 35 who had not previously done any meditation.

None of the individuals involved in the study were undergoing medical treatment or were obese or played regular sports. All participants followed a Mediterranean diet.

After analysing blood samples taken from both groups, the study found that those who practised Meditation had higher levels of lymphocytes and leucocytes than those who did not. They also had higher levels of Natural Killer cells – cells which combat viral infections and tumour formation.

The researchers concluded: “The technique of meditation studied seems to have a significant effect on immune cells. This effect shows itself in the different circulating levels of lymphocytes analysed.”

The researchers are not certain why Meditation works in this way, but suggest it might be due to the reduction of overall stress levels that the right type of Meditation causes

The researchers said:  “A number of researchers have shown that the right type of meditation can improve immune functions. Our results agree with previous studies that have been done.”

These previous studies on the effects of Meditation on the body showed that it was “an easy form of physical and mental relaxation.” They pointed out that the studies have shown that all people practising Meditation show increases in the good hormonal concentrations, low levels of anxiety and depression, and improved levels of health.


British Families Want Happiness But Get Depression!


Happiness in huddersfield_22.05.2010_6317 (Photo credit: patrick h. lauke)

Depression, Pessimism And Suicidal Tendencies Are Increasing!

As I wrote recently, the number of people suffering from Depression has nearly doubled in the past seven years. The experts believe that the speed of growth of this problem is picking up and  the problem numbers will only only take about five years to double up again.
The future looks very grim indeed. Here is an excerpt from a Daily Telegraph article:

Daily Telegraph

British families want out as more seek relaxed life abroad. A majority of middle-class families want to leave Britain because it no longer offers them an adequate quality of life, a new survey has concluded.The report suggested that “old-fashioned British values, thriving community spirit and a more relaxed way of life” were evident in Adelaide. 

Researchers found almost two in three families wanted to emigrate overseas because of the poor weather, rude locals and a celebrity-obsessed culture. Families say they also want to escape the economic downturn, expensive housing and the “loss of community spirit and neighbourliness” in British society.The survey, conducted by the University of Huddersfield, also found most wanted a new, more relaxed life in a community with a more optimistic “can do” attitude, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.


The report says that all these people want to leave the country but most of them won’t. Instead they will be forced, for various reasons to carry on living in the hell that modern England is becoming. With the politicians, police, legal system, hospitals and schools that we have, is it any wonder that people are feeling so depressed and desperate?

So What Can YOU Do About It?

The most important thing you can do is to avoid the depression trap and start turning yourself on to the Happiness Lifestyle. I know that this sounds rather wishy-washy but it isn’t. In fact it is the simplest thing in the world, believe me. If doing something makes you feel bad, stop doing it! If doing something makes you feel good, keep on doing it until you fall down. And keep on doing it every chance that you get.
As I said this plan is the simplest plan in the world to understand and it is, isn’t it? Here it is again in bold:
If doing something makes you feel bad, stop doing it! If doing something makes you feel good, keep on doing it until you fall down. And keep on doing it every chance that you get.
If you still don’t understand it, get a clever friend to explain it to you! LOL!
There are 300 articles here on this blog. They will teach you how to get started, how to make the changes and how to keep making improvements. Start reading them, NOW!

This image was selected as a picture of the we...

Depression (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But You Can’t Just Go From Depressed To Happy Like That, Can You?

Perhaps not, LOL. But you can start in some small area of your life, can’t you? You could make some small area of your life work for you instead of against you, can’t you? Try to be clever about it. The cleverer you are, the better you feel when you get a result. Trust me, you will get results You should end up amazing yourself.

What Is The Most Important First Thing For Me To Do?

The single most important thing is to just get started!
Think about the areas of your life in which you would like to do this. Pick an area which is not going to be too hard. One that is not too important. When you have had some good results, your confidence will be stronger and you can work on bigger areas and get good results.

Love, Peace and Happiness,


Depression Not Poverty Kills Happiness!

Shiny Happy People II

Shiny Happy People II (Photo credit: s.o.f.t.)

happy kid from Iran

happy kid from Iran (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happiness And Money
If you want to be Happy, having money isn’t the most important thing. Depression is the main cause of  unhappiness and not a lack of money.

How much money you get only has a small direct affect on on how happy you feel. According to Lord Richard Layard, of the London School of Economics, in an article in the Metro. Some quotes from the story are given below in italics:

Metro: Size of salary has only a small effect on our overall wellbeing, according to a report which claims to offer the first complete snapshot of the nation’s happiness. Income matters but it’s not the only thing that matters,’Poor mental health can reduce life expectancy at the same rate as smoking – is highlighted as one of the biggest issues affecting the nation’s happiness.

As I have said, in many, many articles, Depression, not poverty, is the enemy of true Happiness. Some people are rich and unhappy, others are poor but happy. To put it another way, some people are rich AND depressed. Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m NOT saying that you should be poor if you want to be happy. The aim of The Happy People is to never be depressed AND have money. And these are two different aims. At present, we are working on getting rid of depression and building up Happiness.
There is been lots of studies of poor countries where the people are very happy. More so than in the rich countries. These studies show different areas of life, rather than wealth, which can produce much happiness.These people do not get depressed about their poverty. You can use these areas to make improvements in your mental health BUT money, used the right way, can also bring lots of Happiness.
You must always be working on ways of building up the amount of Happiness in your life AND the amount of money in your bank account.

Children And Happiness 

Metro: And ‘emotional health’ in childhood is singled out as the most important factor in adult wellbeing.‘It has a major influence on children’s subsequent success – their relationships, physical health

I take it that by this they are talking about children having  ‘a happy childhood’. If you consider yourself one of The Happy People, and I cannot emphasise this enough, you have the sacred duty to make sure that EVERY child that you are hear of, know or are responsible for is protected from abuse, nurtured to full healthy development and is Happy. There must be no weakening on this. It is your full duty and fully affects your KARMIC balance more than anything I know of. A depressed child is a sin against nature. KARMA knows what you should do and what you fail to do. if you truly want to be one of The Happy People, don’t fail this duty.

Metro:  and whether they can get a good job,’ said Lord Layard. The Measuring National Wellbeing report was ordered by the government. New data will be collected each year and taken into account alongside traditional economic measures of prosperity.

They said this last year but I’ve seen no evidence, have you?

Metro: Lord Gus O’Donnell, of the Cabinet Office, said the new approach could ‘revolutionise’ policy-making – but work was needed to turn the report’s findings into practical ideas.

This blog has 300 articles. All full of good, practical ways to be Happier. Don’t wait for the government. Start to study the articles NOW!  LOL!

Back soon, Love,Peace and Happiness,

Here is a link to the original Metro story:   http://tinyurl.com/a88fs5j

Get Happy, Ready For The Winter!

English: Mixed nuts and dried fruit

English: Mixed nuts and dried fruit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happiness, You And Winter!
You should be Happy all year round, but nature and your body tend to work against that. The shorter days and lack of sunshine make lots of changes in your body. It slows down your production of certain hormones. This can make you feel tired, sluggish and even depressed.It is called SAD (seasonal affective disorder) Now The Happy People never want to feel like that!. So, if you want to be one of The Happy People, what can you do about that?
Well, here are some of the problems and 5 ways to help you beat them and

smiley happy people

smiley happy people (Photo credit: madhavaji)

stay Happy
1) Happiness And The Winter Blues!
In Winter, the days are shorter. Missing out on sunlight, can cause SAD and this can cause mental dullness, depression and feelings of tiredness. Some people are strongly affected by SAD and others are hardly aware of it. If you are affected by it you should get out into the daylight for at least half an hour a day. This should be when the light is at it’s strongest Usually this is between 6am and  1opm. I’ll just repeat that:- outdoors, for at least half an hour, between 6am and 10pm.
This will help you beat SAD by resetting your bodyclock . If you can do some fitness training in the morning as well, that is great. Even if you have to get up half an hour earlier. This will lift your energy levels for the rest of the day and get your endorphin(Happiness) hormone pumping around your body up to seven hours afterwards.
2) Winter Happiness Diet!
In the winter, the body produces less of the Happiness hormone, Serotonin. The Happy People (You and Me. LOL) are always looking for ways to increase Serotonin, not to cut back on it! This is because it makes us feel so good! Because of this need we tend to eat more carbs. Cut down on the naughty white carbs like pasta, bread, rice and potatoes. These will put pounds on you and are the reason why so many people put weight on in the winter months. Instead eat low calorie carbs such as Swedes, carrots, sweet potatoes etc.
The body makes serotonin from a chemical called tryptophan, which is in foods such as dairy products, fish, bananas, dried dates, soya, almonds and peanuts. Combining tryptophan-rich foods with wholegrain carbs – such as brown rice, wholemeal bread or oats – helps the body release insulin, which boosts the amount of tryptophan available for your body to use.The bonus is that you will not put on that winter bloat and have to try to lose it next summer. And that will be a BIG happiness bonus LOL
P.S Don’t forget your iron intake. Eat red meat, fish, eggs, bread, fortified breakfast cereals, pulses, green leafy vegetables and dried fruit.
3) Get A Life!
Don’t stay in. Get out and meet or visit friends a few nights a week. Join a gym or club of some sort.  Don’t let the dark nights keep you indoors.
4) Set Yourself A Target!
Plan some area of your life. Learn a new language, perhaps for your next holiday. lose weight, get fitter, stop  smoking, start dance classes. Dancing is a great activity, if you really want to become one of The Happy People. It exercises your whole body, brings a tremendous flow of all the Happiness Hormones and gets you in touch with the opposite sex. It cannot be beaten for Happiness training, pure exercise and social grouping. I dance as much as I can. You can get as high as a kite without abusing alcohol.
5) Keep Your Sex Life Buzzing!
In the Summer you have high levels of the Happiness Hormones  serotonin and dopamine, and of the sex hormone testosterone, putting you in the mood for love. Everybody feels sexier in the Summer because of this. This is why all those sunshine holidaymakers act the way they do. And why not? If you  are not in a relationship, get one now. You’ll feel happier, I guarantee it! LOL It’ll give you something to do on those dark nights.
6) Walking With Nature!
Recent research shows that walking in a city increases depression but walking in the open outdoors will boost your mood, give you Happy feeling and increase you feelings of well being. So get out in the open as much as possible. you’ll feel better for it. I prefer  to walk at the sea side or by a river because the ozone level is higher and this makes me feel great.
Staying Happy!
So there you have 6 ways to beat the Winter blues.
Here in the U.K we have had a really horrible, dreadful, depressing summer .Many, many people tell me how down they are. And I can also see and hear even more people just by observation. Do not waste any time! Start the programme as soon as possible.This is Happiness you are losing out on.
The one thing that you must never ever waste. You have probably missed out on lots of Happiness in your life. This is the time for you to change all that. You are going to reach your two hands into the Happiness bucket and take out as much as you can. And keep on reaching in and taking out.LOL
Don’t worry, you’ll never miss out on any more. I’ll teach you how to do it.
The day you start the above programme could be the most important day in the rest of your life
the plan is EVERGREEN. The plan itself is not seasonal. It will work in the Summer as well as in the Winter. If you start on it now, you will be in full flow when Winter comes. You will be bubbling with a high level of Happiness. AND when you see the Summer sunshine you will continue with the plan and hit an even higher level of Happiness.
This is not all talk or wishful thinking. It is all stuff that the scientists are proving by pooling research done in Universities, laboratories and out in the streets   in many, many tests all over the world. The amazing results come from being able to pool all the  results using computes. Here are some others things that you can do.
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Do your bit to make this world a happier place.
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Love, Peace and Happiness,


How To Get Happiness In 5 Easy Steps!

Happy Baby! I can't help but smile every time ...

Are you as happy as this Happy Baby! I can’t help but smile every time I look at this picture. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Happiness!!! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Way T0 Happiness!
You are reading this because you want to know how to get Happiness in your life. This blog will show you how to do it in ways that are easy to understand, easy to use and easy to stick with. I guarantee that if you follow the simple ideas and lessons on this blog site you will lift your lifestyle to levels of positivity that you presently think are impossible.
I like to think that a simple way to do it is to plan lots of big enjoyable events into your life and, at the same time to plan an everyday steady flow of  medium and small pleasures to indulge yourself with.
This can be a problem. Lots of people, so they tell me, that you can get bogged down with unimportant but downbeat things that just seem to catch you up, and wear you down.
A simple way to increase the Happiness in your life is to cut down on these small irritating things. A lot of the things that make you feel good in everyday life are very ordinary. A sunny day, meeting a friend who is upbeat, finding money in the pocket of something you haven’t worn for a while, a quiet cup of coffee, a good book are small, small things that make you feel good. You can start putting more of these into your life easily, but what do you do about the things that stop your flow? How do you put an end to all those small, stressful, everyday depressing problems? Here is a sound way to do it!
5 Easy Steps To Happiness!
1) Chunk Your Happiness Target Down!
First let me ask you:-
How do you eat an elephant?
One bite at a time!
When you have a big job to do, you break it down into smaller, easy to handle chunks. So you first of all make a list of all the items that stop you being Happy. Things that you will take out of your life. Things that are causing you Unhappiness. Stop worrying, stop mixing with depressing people, stop substance abuse and stop leading such a depressing lifestyle, etc, etc. The list can be as long as you like. Put everything on it. Break some of them into smaller chunks.Make a list of all the depressing people that you want to avoid by name.Make a list of each and every one of the things that you think are causing your depressing lifestyle.Go over the list, make it bigger. And again. This is a journey of self discovery. It could be a turning point in your life. Keep adding to it
2) Keep A Happiness Notebook!
This is a very important part of your plan. It will enable you to know what you are moving away from, what you should be doing right now and where you want to go.It will be a record of how you went from being a deadbeat to a high liver. A lot of very successful people that I have read about and met had this in common. They put a lot of time into keeping a notebook, diary or log. Start today, work on a piece of paper,  buy a notebook tomorrow and start using it. I repeat, start today, work on a piece of paper, buy a notebook tomorrow and start using it. That notebook is like a car, sometimes a bit of a nuisance but that notebook, just like a car, will help you to get to where you want to go, quickly and easily. DO IT!
Happiness Details!
What do you put in your Happiness Notebook?
First you have the list(s) mentioned in 1) above. Then you make a shorter list of all of the items on it that would make important differences in your life. Study them.
4) Nice And Easy Does It!
After studying the list carefully, pick which one of the important ones would be the EASIEST to stick with. Study this list and pick which one of these is the easiest of them to do. This is the one and only one that you will be working on at present. Don’t try to be clever! Chunk this down even more by writing down when, where and how often you will be doing or stopping doing this. Perhaps you can chunk this part down some more i.e just doing it at certain times, in certain places and certain number of times.
Please take note, this is very important, the whole point is to make this part EASY. You must start off at a level that is easy.
If you want to start running marathons, you do not go in for a marathon tomorrow.
You start by running around the block first. Then, as you get stronger…….
Getting a happier lifestyle is a complicated procedure. It shouldn’t be, but sometimes at the beginning, it can be. You must start it off simple and easy. When you have some experience, when you have had some success, then you can go for the big ones! LOL.
Don’t worry, you will have a lot of fun when you get started. Just imagine how much you will have when you are up and running for a while.
Start working on this area NOW! As I said above, start today, work on a piece of paper, buy a notebook tomorrow and start using it.
5) The Next Happiness Target!
Keep working on this area until you think that you have mastered it. Then, and only then, pick the next one of the items on your list that would make important differences in your Happiness. Again look for the easiest to do. Start working with this one.

 Getting Started With Happiness Is Only5 Easy Steps Away! Remember Nice And Easy Does It!
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Love, Peace and Happiness,  Tommy

Happiness Can’t Be Bought For Cristiano Ronaldo!


Holiday-Depression-2010 (Photo credit: Hallicious)

Money Equals Happiness
Or so a lot of people think.
But it ain’t necessarily so. Lots of research has been done on this idea and it has been shown that  money is very important but that having lots of money doesn’t always mean that you will be happy.
Some people are wealthy beyond belief and are still unhappy. Here is an example:
How Happy Is Ronaldo?
Ronaldo Cristiano is one of the best paid football stars of all time. He is also one of the best looking and skilful soccer stars of in the world today. He plays for world famous Real Madrid, who paid an unbelievable 94 million euros for him. He is presently earning about 11 million euros per year. How wealthy is that? And now he wants MORE! His present contract has 3 years to go but he is asking for a new contract for 6 years for a record breaking 30 million euros a year. This is nearly 3 times what he is earning at present. Here are just some of the newspaper headlines:
“Enough in enough”
“CR unsettles Madrid and activates the alarm bells”
“CR unsettles Madrid and activates the alarm bells”
Etc., Etc., All stories have photos showing him looking depressed and sad.
” Not Happy!”
Ronaldo admits it and claims that it is for professional reasons. People in the business say that the increase from 11 to 30 million euros will sort out his unhappiness. Can you believe it?
So Happiness Can’t Be Bought
Not for 11 million euros a year, anyway! (Just give me a shot at it! LOL).
Unhappiness Is Harmful!
Here is a lesson for The Happy People. At a time when Ronaldo needs to impress the money men that he is worth the increase to 30 million euros per year, at a time when he needs to display his most dazzling skills, his game is slipping!
That’s right, his unhappiness is causing him to perform below his usual level.
Yes.  His money unhappiness is causing  to play below normal. This is the point that I want to make. Just imagine the mental agony when people are saying bad things about his performances. This is how emotional problems can spring up. One causes another one and it goes on. Until a person who should really be happy can find himself surrounded by problems.
I’m not saying that he shouldn’t ask for more money what I am saying is that he should not allow his financial tactics to affect his emotional level.
The lesson for The Happy People that you must build up, control and guard your emotional states at all times!
(The positive ones of course LOL!)
You may not be a footballer, but all of life  is a game and  must play with every ounce of their skill
and positive emotions.

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Love, Peace and Happiness,


Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Depression? Bad Health? Try Meditation!

Feel Depressed? Stressed Out? Meditation Helps!


Meditation (Photo credit: atsukosmith)

Meditation (Photo credit: atsukosmith)

Infected ingrown toenail showing the character...

Infected ingrown toenail showing the characteristic redness and swelling associated with acute inflammation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Infected ingrown toenail showing the characteristic redness and swelling associated with acute inflammation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Meditation! Good For Better HealthAND Depression!

Loneliness...Loneliness… (Photo credit: WolfS♡ul)

Science is continually looking for ways to improve the quality of our live. What has become increasingly obvious to them is that an unbelievable number of people report suffering from depression. And what is more worrying, the number is increasing every year at an alarming rate. When they looked at this problem, they found that a lot of this depression was caused when people reported feeling loneliness. This was caused by many factors including bereavement, not having a partner or family, being housebound through physical disability or fear of  street crime, financial drawbacks etc. These problems are out of control amongst the elderly. The standards of mental and emotional health among the elderly are inhuman. This is made worse by the number of people living longer. I won’t say enjoying old age because so many of them are not.
So What’s The Good News? 
New research shows that meditation training lasting eight weeks reduced feelings of loneliness in people. They started off knowing that people who reported feeling lonely showed an increase in the number of  inflammation problems they were having. These inflammation problems were causing a variety of diseases. The researchers found that meditation greatly reduced these inflammation problems and helped to clear up the illnesses that they were causing. In the current online edition of the journal Brain, Behavior and Immunity, senior study author Steve Cole, a UCLA professor of medicine and psychiatry and a member of the Norman Cousins Center for Psychoneuroimmunology at UCLA, and colleagues report that the two-month program of  meditation greatly reduced the feelings of loneliness. This report also showed that the people involved showed a marked improvement in the amount of inflammation and the illnesses associated with it.
What Causes Inflammation?
Inflammation is a natural part of the immune system and is used to fight a wide variety of health problems, from infections like flu and gum disease to impact injuries like broken bones. It plays a very important part in the pathology of many diseases and psychological disorders. This research is the first evidence showing that meditation not only decreases loneliness also reduces inflammation and helps to clear up the problems causing the inflammation. If this is borne out by further research, meditation could become a powerful  way to improve the quality of life for many, many people with the long lasting health problems that involve inflammation.In the study, 40 adults were randomly placed in a meditation group or a control group that did not meditate. They were all the participants were rated at the beginning and the end of the study using an established loneliness scale. Blood samples were also collected at the beginning and end of the research. These meditators reported that they no longer felt so lonely and what was more amazing was that their blood tests showed a big reduction in signs of  inflammation.
Will You Find Meditation Hard?
It is the easiest thing in the world once you get started.  This group went to 8 weekly two-hour meetings in which they learned how to meditate. They also practised meditation for 30 minutes each day at home and attended a single daylong retreat.How hard is that. You do do not need to any kind of retreat. This was only required for the sake of this research.
How Good Are These Results?
Excellent! This study is only only the tip of the iceberg. It is just one of a massive amount of research that is showing more and more positive benefits of meditation. Just last month, Dr. Helen Lavretsky, a UCLA professor of psychiatry and a Cousins Center member, published a study showing that a form of  meditation reduced inflammatory problems, as well as stress levels, among individuals who care patients with Alzheimer’s disease.( Please note this was about the carers not the Alzheimer’s disease patients. There is a growing awareness of the long term psychological problems of long term carers. And a lot of work is being done in this area.) The above shows some of the many, many benefits that come from this practise. I know a lot of you readers already meditate. (I hope that it is the right sort of meditation.) If you don’t, start NOW! Why not join The Happy People? We’re BIG on meditation, And it’s FREE! More SOON, Love, Wealth and Happiness, Tommy

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The Right Meditation Brings Love, Peace, Happiness!


Meditation (Photo credit: atsukosmith)

English: Meditation

: Meditation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are You Being Misled About Meditation?
Many of you believe that you are meditating. But you’re not. Closing your eyes and thinking about something nice is not Meditation. You must be getting a result. That result must show itself in a real way. You mustn’t be saying: “I FEEL nicer since I started doing it. ”
Real meditation must cause real, noticeable changes in your attitude, thoughts and behaviour.
You know that you are doing GOOD meditation when OTHER PEOPLE start telling you that you have changed.
THAT is the sort of change you need, that you want and that you will get when you have a good teacher.
You don’t want lots of NICE feelings.
You want lots of love of every kind, bubbling, good mental health and loads and loads of happiness.
If a teacher tells you to close your eyes and think about or visualise or imagine or remember something you are not meditating. Proper meditating is not thinking about or visualising or imagining or remembering anything. It goes far beyond that.
The Problem With Poor Meditation
The guidelines that I have given above all take time to show themselves. There is nothing that I can do about that apart from telling you to be aware and not be misled. Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing bad about closing your eyes and thinking about or visualising or imagining or remembering nice things. It is, let’s face it, nice.
But if you want all the good things that the Neuroscientists, Doctors and Psychologists are proving that meditation will give you, then that type of meditation is not powerful enough.
How Do I Find Out About Genuine Meditation
Google Zen,  or The Ten Ox-Herding Paintings AND buy a copy of  Zen Flesh, Zen Bones (the ONLY book that I recommend).
More Good Benefits Of Genuine Meditation
With good meditation, you will pass through several stages of consciousness. As you do so  you can teach yourself to become aware of these different stages of self development. These are merely side effects. But they are very powerful side effects that you will want, enjoy and benefit from in your life Warning
These side effects will be things that you will want to have.
They are only side effects!
You must concentrate every bit of your physical, mental and psychic energy on your main desire.
Your only target to focus on is achieving personal enlightenment. Meditation is the only true path and self-enlightenment is your destination.
Here are the things that you will experience and that will show you that you are on the right path:
Neuroscientists say a part of the brain, known as the default mode network, is involved in states of anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and Alzheimers disease. They are now looking at how  meditation  gives you more control over that brain network. This control may be used for the prevention and treatment of these illnesses. The findings so far show that meditation can play a big part in keeping these illnesses at bay.  The message is very clear. If you wish reduce the effect of these  mental problems you should start meditating. Start to meditate now for better mental health in the future.
An Increase Of Love, Peace and Happiness In Your Life
This is the stage where you start producing large amounts of the hormone Oxytocin. This is the bonding hormone that is produced when  you are being breast fed by your mother. It causes a deep and loving bond between the two of you. This hormone is also produced in later life when you interact, learn to trust or fall in love with other people. As you go into meditation you can learn to spot and work with this feeling of loving other people. Masters of meditation show immense personal charisma which comes across as being friendly, caring and being a person you can trust. These are signs of the hormones that are produced at this level
This is a very important area to work in. Love, Peace and Happiness are the spices that give life all of it’s flavour. Without them, life tastes very flat. If they are missing in your life you will feel sad, depressed and miserable.
There is a song that says: “Love makes the world go around.” And it’s a great description.
Without an act of love between your parents, you wouldn’t even be here.  It’s true isn’t it? Let’s see you deny it. Very few of you even think about it . The most important thing in your life was the act of love that created you. And you weren’t even there! LOL.
Any children that you have will be a result of acts of love. And you must learn how to channel love to them. Totally and endlessly. And love must carry on being one of the most important thing in the rest of your life. It doesn’t matter if that love is sexual, friendship or family based.  What does matter is that it must never stop flowing. I’m not being soppy here. A lot of the love you send out will be wasted. It will not be returned, so do not start to look for what you get back.
Let’s take a look at jogging. Joggers do not want t0 get somewhere. What they jog for is the pure, physical joy that they get from doing it. And, of course, the great feelings of mental and physical well-being that they feel in-between jogging sessions.
Look at love in the same way.  It will fill your life with good feelings, good health and great happiness. So keep pouring it out. What you, yourself receive from doing it will be more powerful than how other people act or re-act.
Psychic Powers
Meditation can also be used to develop psychic powers. You can predict the future, read peoples’ auras, experience all the different out of body experiences such as remote viewing, astral travel  etc and explore previous lives. This last one is very useful to explain problems that you are having in this lifetime.
After you become an experienced meditator, you will notice that after you finish a session that you are in a state of euphoria or happiness. The strength of this feeling is can vary from just feeling  good all the way up to feeling really bubbly and ready to start laughing at the first excuse. This can be very helpful when you have something unpleasant to do. I set my mind on the problem, tell myself that I am going to sort my attitude out about it, meditate on the euphoric level and then, when I finish the session, I have a tremendous surge of enthusiasm, confidence and energy. I can then handle the problem with ease. Doing this particular exercise has an added bonus. You are building your confidence that you can handle ANY problem, bad event or setback with  ease!
Control Over Your Karma
But the best thing that you can use it for is to break a chain of bad Karma. You may be suffering from bad Karma in this lifetime. Perhaps  you are suffering from depression, hopelessness and failure. This means that in your next life you will be even worse off. You will be reborn at an even lower level If you don’t change your Karma. You can, however,  use the correct meditation to change your Karma. If you do your next life will be at a higher level. Your next life will be happier, more successful and more rewarding. You can also use the correct meditation to look at your past lives to find out why you are having so many problems in this one.
They don’t call our gang The Happy People for nothing! Love, Peace  and Happiness are our three rules  for the good life and we believe in living by them.Why not become one of us. It’s FREE.  LOL!

Love,Peace and Happiness,  Tommy

Love Love Love

Love Love Love (Photo credit: Gregory Jordan)

How Happiness And Exercise Defeats Depression!

Clinical Depression

Don’t suffer with Depression (Photo credit: Alaina Abplanalp Photography)

English: Exercising outdoors is healthier than...

Perfect Anti-depressant : Exercising outdoors is healthier than working out indoors. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

endorphins | day 85

End Depression?

When you’re downbeat, unhappy or  depressed, you think that the feeling is NEVER going to end! Depression is a terrible affliction. It can completely destroy your life. It is probably the biggest underlying cause in suicides. And the worst fact is that the number of people suffering from it is growing every day.

What Can You Do About It?

Well here is a way that you can end it in 20 MINUTES! Yes just 20 minutes! That is how long the University College London has discovered it takes. They found that 20 minutes  of exercise (they were studying the benefits of gardening) can effect depression. The exercise involved in gardening made people feel more upbeat and reduced their feeling of mental distress.

How Does It Stop Depression?
It stops depression by making your neurotransmitters produce endorphin. This calms the brain and this helps with th

e production serotonin. Serotonin is the feel good brain chemical. The serotonin gives you a happy feeling that enables you to get back on track. As the gloom  lifts, you can start getting your life back together. And this is what you want! Twenty minutes is all it takes. Don’t forget they were studying gardening NOT strenuous exercise. But you don’t have to start gardening. You may have absolutely no interest in gardening. If that is the case then walking will have the same effect on your mood. And it is free and easy to do. Just open your front door and start moving forward. If it’s sunny, walk on the sunny side of the street. This level of activity or mild exercise will work for you. Your mood will change. Your depression will lift. There is no doubt about that. As you do this regularly, you will notice the increase in the effect. As this happens you may feel that you need to build up the effect even more. If so, start looking for a few hills to include in your walk. Or walk faster. If you are gardening, increase the amount of time you spend doing it.
How To Use This
That will look after the needs of most people who have low moods at times. But what if your moods are strongly downbeat or you are having them too often and can’t get out of them. Or perhaps you have managed to get some benefit from the above and are changing the way you think. You want to get rid of depressing moods for ever. You want to feel positive all the time. You want to get out and get the all good things in life like Love, Peace Of Mind and Happiness instead of sitting at home sucking anti-depressant tablets. Perhaps you would like to join our community of Happy People?
Who are The Happy People?
The Happy People are people just like yourself who have experienced the depressing side of life. They decided that they didn’t like doing depression and were going to have a happier life. They follow my blog  at https://happinessguru.wordpress.com . It costs nothing and you will got lots of advice, the latest psychological findings and plenty of support on how to end the old miserable lifestyle. You will learn how to replace it with a lifestyle of enjoyment, positive feelings and, of great importance, better health.
How Does Being Happy Make You Healthier?
When you are depressed your immune system is weak and you are more likely to become ill. When you are spending all your time looking for positive, happy, upbeat events to do, your immune system is powerful. It will fight off illness.
If you do become one of The Happy People you will be wanting to feel good and healthy all day, every day so  you want a steady supply of endorphins and serotonin. So start your exercising and start squirting those substances round your circulation system. You want to feel confidence, motivation and personal power rushing through your body.  Not depression!
How To Be Even Happier
Now that you have started exercising, you may find that you are getting the exercise bug. You’re finding that you are feeling better and perhaps you are wanting more of that good feeling. You can do this in several ways.
The study was concerned with the effects of gardening done for a period of 20 minutes. This is an extremely mild form activity, perhaps it would be more correctly called movement. It is also a very short time span. This was done deliberately so it wouldn’t put people off. Not many people like the idea of exercising.  And the neuroscientists wanted to establish minimum levels for a baseline..
But what if you have started your mild, short exercising and now want to increase the benefits that you are feeling? Well you can increase the good feelings by stepping up the work load. You can either  exercise harder or stay at it longer.
This must be done carefully and steadily. If you are not used to exercising, it is always best to ask your doctor first. You mustn’t go from pottering around in the garden to trying to run a half marathon. Nice and steady does it. At the beginning, anyhow!
I had one student who started off running about a hundred yards and then walking a hundred yards. He now has run many, many marathons. The changes in his life were remarkable. He completely changed over to a healthy lifestyle. He used to drink a bottle of whisky a day and chain smoke. Now he doesn’t use alcohol or tobacco! He goes for long runs every day instead. AND, what is more relevant in this article, he is on a permanent high!
I have written about the effects of exercise on depressed people. But let me add more advice to this article.  Perhaps you have read all this and are already exercising.   BUT, if you already feel good then exercise will make that feeling  even stronger. This fact is used all the time by The Happy People to increase their happiness factor.  One of the bad affects of depression is that depressed people get more depressed because they fear that their mood will never lift. When you start your exercising you get an upbeat feeling that you have started to do something about your depression. This is the start of feeling better.
And that feeling will get better and better.
Depression And Happiness Plan
Let me sum all this up in a few words.  If you start doing gardening for 20 minutes regularly, it will help you defeat depression.
If you really want to get good results, I’d forget the gardening and look for something more strenuous.
I could go on for ages writing about moving from unfitness to fitness, but here is the safest way to do it. Join a reputable gym. They have lots of different ways of moving slowly and safely ahead. They have perfectly suited machines for starting easy and making good progress. Rowing machines, stationary bikes, running machines and swimming pools. You will find some way of training that will suit you. AND, more important, trainers who will advise you.  (Here is I was wondering why over the last few years the number of people going to our gym had increased.. Obviously they have discovered that a good way to stop your head aching is to get your muscles aching. lol Follow the ir example!)
Get with it! Start exercising! Be one of The Happy People!

More soon Love, Peace and Happiness,

How To Be Happy And Live Longer In 5 Easy Steps!

MSNBC party

Stay Young And Happy!MSNBC party (Photo credit: fimoculous)

It’s No Good Building A Happy Life, If You Die Young.
If you want to be happy then you must want to have a long life of fun, enjoyment and fulfilment. If not, what a waste! Particularly if you are one of  our Happy People
So how do you make sure that you have a long life?
It is very simple, but not always easy. Just like in your happiness training, you must start building beliefs, practising certain actions and behaving in certain ways. If you have been reading this blog and doing the happiness programme, then you already have a good idea of what I mean. But instead of using the factors that you use for increasing your happiness, you start using factors that will give you a longer life.
Here are some of those factors:
1) Intelligence And Logic.
This combination  is probably the most important. Just think about it. People who have these factors or who build them up are likely to take care of their health and avoid risks, They also develop healthier relationships, whether they be romantic or just friendship. Some people are fortunately already strong in this area. But you can  still b


Be Young, Be HappyHappiness (Photo credit: Sync)

ecome even stronger by exercising your powers.
2) Good Humour And Lots Of Laughing
A study done at Einstein’s Institute for Aging Research, of the personalities of  243 centenarians, we found qualities of a positive attitude towards life. The study reflected that frequent laughter, an easy going attitude and optimism might tack on years to your life. There was some evidence that personality can change between the ages of 70 and 100. So I’m going to recommend that as soon as you reach 70, you must, and this is a rule for ALL The Happy People, start having twice as much fun, enjoyment and happiness as before.
3) Build A Strong Social Network
Get out more, mix with more people and make more friends! Here is one you have to be careful about. The right friends can really turn your life around but the wrong ones can make your life misery. For instance, your family. Good, strong family ties will work magic in your life, but sometimes your family can be the main cause of unhappiness in your life. Be aware but with the right people get involved.
4) Don’t Worry, Be Happy (And You Will Live Longer!)
Believe me! It’s True! If you have any doubt, a research document published last year by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences showed that, during a five year long study of  3,000 elderly people, those who reported being unhappy were TWICE as likely to die as those who reported being happy! Amazingly, this was true even in people who were chronically ill!
5) Diet, Exercise And Rest!
Look after after these and you’ll be looking after your happiness and length of life.

See you on the blog. Don’t forget to share the happiness training with all your friends!
Love, Wealth and Happiness,