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Love? Happiness? Wealth?

Sunset at Porto Covo, west coast of Portugal

Sunset at Porto Covo, west coast of Portugal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Get Control Of Your Happiness!

Can You Control It?

After much research the neuroscientists have come up with the following findings. Your genes control  control 50% of your happiness. Another 10 % arises from fixed items in your life and general circumstances. These are  where you live, your income, job and your possessions including your home, car, clothing, etc.

So far, so good, but, here is the important part. The other 40% comes from how you choose to behave and the choices you make.  In other words a huge chunk of your happiness is controlled by YOU. You decide how happy you are going to be. Your beliefs, your thoughts and your behaviour control just how happy you are, how long your happiness will last and exactly when it will come to an end.

Why Don’t You Use That Control?

Let me explain. Here are some very common attitudes that I find people have about happiness:

Nothing good ever happens to me.

You can’t be happy all the time.

You can’t  control happiness. It just comes and goes.

I’m happy enough.

With beliefs like those, it seems as if there is no point in trying to increase the happiness in your life. But those beliefs are WRONG.

I have always known that you can completely change your life around. You can start enjoying life fully and stop stress, depression and unhappiness ruining your life. These latest research findings show that you do have control over your happiness.

Is It Easy?

And there is one thing that you know about control. If you use it you get better at it. Your skill at using it becomes faster, better, stronger.

When you are learning to drive, you feel you will never do it. There are a lot of things to attend to. Accelerator, brake and clutch control. Steering. Watching the  road ahead. Using the sat-nav for where you want to go. After training the whole thing becomes effortless. You do it so easily.

It’s the same with happiness. You use your mental clutch to shift into your happiness drive and your mental accelerator  to start moving faster. You watch the road ahead and steer around any bumps of unhappiness. And you use your mental sat-nav to always keep moving towards you where you want to go, happiness. At first it seems impossible. As you keep learning more about what you are supposed to be doing, it becomes easier and easier. Eventually it becomes effortless

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Karma Can Cause Depression!

Lots of people are leading miserable lives because of bad Karma. I want to give people an insight into what is a growing problem. Every report that comes out says that more and more people are complaining of anxiety and depression. In this article I just want to point out what may be the root cause of a lot of the problems. So I’m going to, very deliberately, keep it very simple.

Being miserable, depressed and unhappy causes bad Karma for you. You go into a spiral where your bad feelings start a chain which is hard to break out of. You must realise that the miserable life you are living now will bring even more miserableness into your life in your immediate future.  This low level of living will continue working to bring about even more unhappiness. Your natural state is to be happy. Your health and mental state are heavily controlled by how happy you are. You are meant, by your very nature, to be happy, you should be happy  and you must be happy. Otherwise you are living an unnatural life that will build up a lot of bad Karma. If you don’t do something about it you are condemning yourself to a lifetime of misery. And, even worse, when you are re-incarnated in your next life, you will start off with a lot of bad Karma to work your way through.

This is why it is so hard to treat depression. Not many people, and this includes Doctors and Psychiatrists, fully understand the Karmic part of the problem. This is your life, the nature of your life and the quality of your life that we are talking about here. And your next life. Just think about that. Starting your next life with a load of bad Karmic to pay back.

It is up to you, yes YOU to do something about it now. Change yourself, change  your life, change your Karma. Get rid of your negative emotions. Replace them with Love, Inner Peace and Happiness. Start living right and pile up lots and lots of GOOD KARMA.

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Nearly Nude Ninja Meditates In The Snow!

Self-styled Norwich Ninja takes to the snow to meditate in just a pair of pants
Article about the power of meditation. Read more at:

Smile, Be Happy, You’ll Live Longer!

An amazing new research took a look at photographs of 230 baseball  players from 1952.  These were on Collectors Cards of baseball players. The findings were that the span of a player’s smile could actually predict the span of his life. Players who didn’t smile in their pictures lived an average of only 72.9 years, players with partial smiles lived for an average of 75 years, and players with big, beaming smiles lived an average of 79.9 years. This my just be a reflection that happy people smile more and live longer. But why take  chance?  The next time a photographer tells you to smile, show every tooth you’ve got. What have you got to lose?

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How To Be Happy!

We all want to be happy!

Every human being on the earth, regardless of age, sex or race, wants to be happy. Everything we do, whether we realize it or not, is an unconscious attempt to find happiness. Every idea you think of, every direction you follow, every action you take is intended to bring you happiness.

Your body is built that way. In the same way that a heat seeking missile goes for it’s target, in the same way that a flower turns it’s head to the warmth of the sun,  in the same way that a cat will  always look for a warm place to sit so you, too, will look for that beautiful glow of happiness.

Addicted to happiness!

You can’t help it. You’re built that way. You are addicted to feeling happy and you hate feeling unhappy. When you are unhappy you feel anxious, stressed or depressed. When your happy you produce chemicals that make you feel upbeat, joyful and on your toes. The change in you can be so obvious that other people can spot it and may even tell you that they can.

Just let me repeat what I said earlier:  Every idea you think of, every direction you follow, every action you take is intended to bring happiness. And they will!

Going wrong!

If…… And I repeat for emphasis….IF they are the RIGHT ones!                   Thinking the right ideas, following the right directions and taking the right actions will make you a very happy person. Your body will start to produce all the right hormones that will give you better relationships, better health and a longer life.

If they are the wrong ones, the wrong ideas, directions and actions then you are facing West looking for a nice sunrise. Happiness and all those  good hormones,just like that sunrise,  willl never appear.

This is where so many people go wrong:

1) They have the wrong beliefs about being happy. They believe it can’t be controlled. That it comes and goes without reason, etc.

2) They carry on with those wrong  ideas, directions and actions.

3) They don’t know what to do to change things.

Where to start!

So what should YOU do in order to get every bit of that happiness that is waiting out there for YOU! There are a few ways such as going on the net and learning more about what the scientist have to say about different ways to be happier. There are lots of how-to books about being happier. The problem is that reading about happiness is like reading about how to be a footballer. It just lacks what you need to become a footballer. It’s interesting but it will never replace getting out there and playing the game itself. You don’t want to know all about happiness. You want to become a happy person, you want to have a happy life and you want to enjoy every moment of it! Why not join The Happy People at   It won’t cost you a penny! It’s free. Love, Peace and Happiness,                 Tommy

Living Happy Can Create Good Karma!

Happy people create good Karma for themselves!

I put a poll on Facebook about happiness. Here are some of the replies I received:

Happiness is doing what you love doing

Happiness is being successful.

Happiness is realizing why you are here. That life has direction, purpose and meaning.

Happiness is having good relationships.

Happiness  is loving and being loved.

Happiness is helping others, inspiring  them and making a positive difference in their lives.

Happiness is giving and receiving love.

Nearly all the responses were similar. People all defined being happy as getting good feelings. But when we look at how people spend their energy, we find that they continually try to obtain material things.  Things  like expensive clothes, jewellery and cars. The more expensive they are the more frantic people are to get them.

Make changes NOW!

In our society possessions, status and possessions are seen as the most important things in life. People often suffer mental problems, lose family and friends and ruin their health chasing their dream of materialistic success. A lot of the things that they do can cause bad Karma. Things like greed, selfishness and ambition  instead of happiness, love and caring for others.And this can cause them unhappiness in this life and a bad start in their next rebirth. Change your life now. Have a better, more enjoyable and happier life. Create good Karma instead of building bad Karma for yourself. Join The Happy People at Love, Peace and Happiness,      Tommy


Meditation To Make You More Successful!

Challenge, testing yourself and trying new things are the spice of life. They can bring satisfaction,  self-confidence and a sense of purpose. You must learn to build them into your life. You must plan to put lots of progress into all areas of your life. Prosperity, health, relationships and spirituality are some of them. You must continually be examining all areas of your life and looking for ways to improve them.
But this sort of approach may bring some problems.  Challenging yourself can often bring feelings of anxiety, frustration, depression and insecurity. All of which are seen as the enemies of a good, happy, satisfactory life.
So what should you do? Should you push yourself until you burn out or  should you settle for a second class existence? The answer is neither.
You must learn to use your Inner Wisdom. Your first area to look to is your spirituality. You must learn how to make your meditation more powerful. It must become your greatest strength.
Then, and only then,  can you start to work on the other areas. The problems with the other areas,  anxiety, frustration, depression and insecurity are all emotional ones. They are caused by thoughts of winning and losing, getting or not getting, success or failure. And your meditation will beat those emotional problems easily. That’s what we use them for. You can then move forward towards all those things that you need for a better life. Move forward without all the emotional and mental problems that other people have.
Peace of Mind, Prosperity and Great Relationships. Think about them. Go for them. You will get them.
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Good Results For Seriously-ill People!

The Dalai Lama visited the west, several years ago. Since then he has encouraged experienced Tibetan masters of meditation to get involved in experiments and research with lots of scientific groups.

These experiments have shown the scientists the many benefits that can come from meditation. Among these many benefits, two have been the ability to control your emotions and the ability reduce pain.

An experiment has been conducted at Oslo’s Diakonhjemmet Hospital. It studied a group of people who suffered with rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis or psoriatic arthritis of various ages.  All illnesses that bring serious pain, tiredness and mental stress.

Half of the people were given ten group meditation classes and one more session six months later. The other half of the people were just given regular treatment for the condition and a how to meditate CD.

In this  study, the meditation trained people to concentrate on their own thoughts, experiences and pain in the moment, without actively trying to avoid them or judge them.

At the end of the study, both groups of people said that they had the same level of pain. But the people who had the group meditation training were found to have reduced their stress and and tiredness greatly. Whereas the members of the other group reported that they still had the same level of stress and tiredness.

You must remember that the improved group had only had ten group training sessions and one follow up one. This amounts to a week and a half of daily training. I’m sure that a longer experiment would have shown  better results. II wonder what they  would have found. Particularly if daily, group meditation had been used. I have always found that daily, group meditation brings a bonus of better benefits to the students.

It seems  to me,  that when one student reports a good result the other members are encouraged to look for, to find and to enjoy benefits as well.

This belief is supported by the fact that the experienced  monks introduced to the scientists all showed remarkable skills in controlling their minds and bodies.

Daily and, when possible, group meditation will work wonders for mind and body.

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